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Eating Out: Bob's Kitchen


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Iron Chef Katie and I met up for a cheap dinner this week. Both being strapped for cash and having an obsession with dumplings, we decided to try out Bob's Kitchen in Glen Waverley. It's good to have a friend that is into dumplings as much as I am.

We started off with some spring rolls:

Spring Rolls (2 pieces) - $2.80

They were incredibly hot, temperature wise, but once they cooled down they were alright. I would have liked a dipping sauce to go with them, but they were nice on their own.

We also order some noodles:

Shanghai Fried Noodles - $7.00

This was my first time trying Shanghai Fried Noodles and they weren't that bad. Fresh noodles with pork and Chinese greens. I added a little more flavour with the dumpling vinegar. This was such a massive plate of noodles for us both, we could have taken the leftovers home but take away containers cost $1 extra.

Finally, the main reason we went to Bob's Kitchen, the dumplings:

Fried Pork Dumplings (15 pieces) - $7.80

Katie prefers the dumplings at Camy Shanghai Dumpling for the thicker skin and the fact that they are fried more. I liked the dumplings here for their thinner skin, but I thought they could have been fried more. The filling was tasty, and they were overall pretty good.

Service was pretty average, but for $10 each for all this food we were pretty happy.
People queue to get a table. I can understand for cheap, fast food.

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bob's kitchen is in my list for eating out.

good food.
always greasy (but thats what u expect from a lot of shanghai restaurant anyway)

good pork dumping & shanghai noodle

Yeah it's now on my list! Gotta have nice greasy dumplings!

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