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Eating Out: Camy Shanghai Dumpling


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There is a reason Camy Shanghai Dumpling is ranked 4 in best restaurants of Melbourne on Urbanspoon. If you want dumplings in Melbourne, you come here. In a side street off the main Chinatown strip are some of the best dumplings in town.

But just because it is ranked very high in the best restaurant list, don't expect fantastic service! It's all part of the fun when you dine out. They are so popular you have to line up to get in. If everyone on your table is not in the queue, you don't get in! If you are looking for a table for 2 and a group of 4 is behind you and a table for 4 just opened up, the people behind you will get in first. Don't argue, that's just the way it works. And make sure you make up your mind quickly as to what you want because they want to get your fed and out as soon as possible so they can keep the people coming in. But like I said, it's all part of the fun at Camy Shanghai Dumpling!

Tea is self service, but you can order soft drinks and beer from the waitresses.
We got an assortment of dumplings to share, but some of the noodle dishes on other tables also looked very appetising.

First up we have the fried pork dumplings. These are by far the most popular, also known as Shanghai dumplings they were nice and crispy with a delicious filling. The skin was maybe a little bit too starchy for me this time, I've had them here before and they were less starchy. Still very nice with the vinegar though.

Then we had some chilli oil dumplings. Dumplings cooked in a broth with chilli oil. Lovely and soft, probably my favorite of the night.

We also had some fried beef dumplings, they look alot like the fried pork ones. Also very nice with the vinegar and very filling.

Definitely an institution for dumpling lovers. It's great for a really cheap feed before heading out for a night on the town. For 4 people with drinks and steamed riced cost us about $7 per head!

Update 09.08.09: I have found it all depends on what day you go. Sometimes the food is fantastic, whilst some days it can be pretty average.

Camy Shanghai Dumpling on Urbanspoon

We also went to a cool bar in Richmond, Der Raum. Check out all the liquor hanging from the ceiling! Awesome!!

Der Raum
438 Church St
Richmond VIC 3121


Looks like good dumplings. And I love Der Raum! I had a concotion served to me in a syringe whilst a friend drank from a dark bottle from a brown paper bag. :)

Hi Forager!
Yes my boyfriend had the one out of the paper bag and I saw the "pharmacy cocktail". They really know their stuff there!

These do look like great dumplings. Love the no-frills look of the place and the way they handle their "service". I guess there's no need to go out of you way if there is a queue outside :)

Was the TV in one of your shots playing chinese tv shows/movies?

Yumm! Look at all of that dumplingy goodness! It's certainly the right weather for it :)

Hi Simon,
I wasn't seated near the TV so I can't really say. But mostly likely yes! haha

Hi Lorraine,
Gotta love dumpling weather!

Those dumplings looks amazing! have to try this place next time I'm in Melbourne.

dumplings rock

and I see you are a vinegar person!! is that EXCLUSIVE or do you alternate with soy sauce? haha

Hi Grace!
I most certainly am I vinegar person! Yes that is exclusive! I find soy too salty as a dipping sauce. I usually put so much vinegar I pickle my tongue for a short while after :P

Yeah I love this place, and it's most definately for the dumplings.

There have been times I just wanted to burst out laughing at the increadably rude and inept service and the obviously dodgy and dingyness that I can only describe as "back street charm".

I've looked ALL over the city and all of Melbourne to find an alternative dumpling place that has better, faster, friendlier service and still decent dumplings, but none of them have the greasy meaty hearty flavour that this place has. It really defines the phrase "it's so bad it's good."

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