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Take Away: Okoze Sushi


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My favorite place to get sushi when I'm at work would have to be Okoze sushi. The staff are always friendly, and always happy to see me.

They have the standard flavours, california, tuna, salmon, prawn. They also have inaris and a nice range of bento boxes. The one flavour that I thought was a little unusual was springroll.

As you can see, it's a springroll in a nori roll. I thought this was a bit bizarre so I tried it, and I've been hooked on them ever since. It's just basically, a spring roll, some Japanese mayo and lettuce wrapped up in the traditional sushi way. I'm not sure if this should be on the "This Is Why You're Fat" website or not, but I really like them.

Okoze Sushi
1/180 Toorak Road
South Yarra VIC 3141
Phone: (03) 9078 1078

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Interesting! I've never heard of this but if I had I would have tried it too! Now if it were battered and deep fried we've got a definite entry into thisiswhyyourefat!

Next time you're down there do you think you could tell me what time they're open till at night? Thanks!!

Hi Lorraine!
Very good point, I'm glad it doesn't belong on that site yet cos I love it too much!

Hi Katie!
For sure I can ask them just for you =)

I love inari!

I don't think that spring roll would qualify. If you were to grab that roll, stick it into tempura batter and deep fry it, then we might be starting to see a contender :)

Hi Simon!
I love inari too!
Thanks for making me feel better about it not qualifying! I can eat them without feeling too guilty now :P

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