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Dad and I were out and about and needed some lunch. He had been to Phillippa's before and said it was good so we headed in for a feed. It isn't the world's biggest place but boy do they pack ALOT of food in!

Not only do they do simple things for lunch like soups, quiches, pasties and sausage rolls, they also sell a huge variety of specialty biscuits, cakes and breads as you can see from this photo. I was tempted to grab a few bags of cookies or muesli on my way out but I thought my butt could do without the excess fat!

I had the sausage roll which came out with a lovely tomato chutney/relish:

Probably one of THE BEST sausage rolls I've ever had in a city area. There is no beating a good old country town sausage roll on a road trip. This one with the chutney was amazing though. Nice and fat, with full of meat. I can't wait to go here again and have another one already!

My dad got the pastie which also came with the tomato chutney/relish:

It was HUGE! And he couldn't stop raving about it. Looked full of veggies inside, and really worth the money.

With a great selection of food, and preserves, and a great selection of cheese, I'm sure you could find at least something you liked no matter how fussy you are! Great for buying presents too if you want to give someone and edible gift.

Phillippa's Armadale (Also in Brighton)
1030 High Street
Armadale VIC 3143
Phone: (03) 9576 2020

Web: http://www.phillippas.com.au/

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I've not had a good pastie in a very, very long time and this one looks like a good one.

The weather's perfect for this sort of food. Might have to find something in the local area :)

omggggggggggggggg, this is about 2 mins from my house. But I'm on a diet. BLAH.

Hi Simon,
I'm not a big pastie person, but I find it hard to find a good sausage roll so I can't understand your frustration! Hope you find something good in the local area!

Hi Kayta,
Yes I though this might be close to you! I'm also on a health kick, and well I probably should have got the soup, I didn't see if till after I order the sausage roll! Oh well :P

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