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Whole Chicken In A Can - WRONG on so many levels!!


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First of all let me say I DID NOT DO THIS!! My friend Emma forwarded me an email and I couldn't believe how wrong this is! Whole cooked chicken... in a can.

The subject of the email was "American Chicken - who said the Yanks have no taste ...."
Now I know I have quite a few American readers, and I love America.. but seriously what were they thinking with this one?? Has anyone had whole cooked chicken from a can?

15 minutes at 475 degrees later… voila!
Nope! Sorry, if I'm going to cook a chicken I'm going to cook it the good old fashioned way, no cans involved!


This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen.

It doesn't happen often but I am SPEECHLESS! :O It looks so very, incredibly unappealing!

hehe I like how you prefaced it with "I did not do this"

That's absolutely cringe-worthy.

Though, at the same time I'm oddly curious as to how it tasted. Would it taste as bad as it looks?

the way it comes out of the can, seems like giving birth to a baby alien.. eekkk...

Hi Alana: I couldn't agree more!!

Hi Lorraine: Oh yes, I wanted to make it loud and clear I had NOTHING to do with this one!! Incredibly unappealing is about spot on!

Hi Simon: I have no idea if it would taste as bad as it looks, but I'm sure not gonna be putting my hand up eagerly to try it!!

Hi Anonymous: ROFL! It is a bit of an alien birth isn't it?!!

A friend forwarded this on to me too. My colleagues likened the pic of chicken coming out of can to birthing. Birthing a chicken. Eww.

Have you seen the related post? Pork brains in milk gravy? Double ew.

Hi Forager,
Yes that's exactly what it looks like. I didn't see the related link, but I don't think I want to! haha

AHHH hahhahah!! This is the funniest thing I have ever seen... bring on baby alien Births!!

Positively vile.

I think I've just lost my appetite for chicken! It looks so sad and definitely like Alien made birth to a chicken foetus. I guess we now know what the American's will be eating in their bomb shelters along with their cheese in a can and Krispy Kreme donuts packed in the freezer.

Who is this Sweet Sue?! And why is she concocting such abominations? That is possibly the least appetising photo ... in the world. >_<

Hi Anon,
I'm not sure if I can agree with funny, more vile is the word I'd use ;)

Hi Tamara,
I totally agree!

Hi Simon,
haha i hope i'm never in an American bomb shelter then!

Hi Kyrz,
I dunno who Sweet Sue is, but she must be hunted down!!

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