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Eating Out In Tasmania: Ashmore on Bridge Street


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Another blogpost from the Tasmania archives!
Never more have I craved scones and a cup of earl grey tea, then I did when we arrived in Richmond. After a morning at Cascade, and a trip up to Mount Wellington, I had a nanna moment and put in my request for Devonshire tea to the rest of the car.

After wondering around the small town of Richmond, we ended up at Ashmore for a spot of afternoon tea. Whilst the orange cupcakes and chocolate chip pancakes did sound nice; I was there for one thing, and one thing only.

Devonshire Tea $9.50
(2 scones and a pot of tea)

We got 2 servings between the three of us, as to not spoil our dinner… and I guess not to be pigs. We had the option of raspberry or plum jam; so I ordered one of each.
The scones were piping hot, and superb. Light and fluffy

Dad got an ice-coffee. He was given the option of espresso or instant coffee. Not a question we have ever been asked before when ordering an ice-coffee. Espresso seemed the obvious choice.

The waiter was incredibly friendly, and couldn't go more out of his way to make sure you were alright.
Thanks Ashmore curing my nanna craving for scones and tea!

Ashmore on Bridge Street
34 Bridge Street
Richmond, 7025
Phone: (03) 6260 2238


Richmond is the cutest town ever isn't it? Like a little slice out of history. :-D

i could go for some RIGHT now..

Instant coffee in an ice coffee?? Shudder! ;)

I love fluffy scones - they look superb.

ALso love the look of the scones!

oh Tassie...I wanna go back! wahh!

Yes, the scones look vellly nice indeed. Pack on that cream!

you seriously can't beat piping hot scones straight out of the oven with a dollop of cream and jam.... bliss.

Thats so weird! whenever traveling around australia I crave scones too!! I once have scones in Scone (NSW) BAD IDEA!! these look pretty good, especially with the generous amount of cream!

Hi Esz - It sure is!! Very cute =)

Hi Made 2 Order - meeee toooo!!

Hi Agnes - haha! I guess some people might prefer instant? =/

Hi Anh - They were pretty good =D

Hi Adrian - Me too!!

Hi Billy - Oh so true, craving scones now...gimme gimme!

Hi Maria - Yay for scone cravings! mmmm cream!

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