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Product Review: Sirena Tuna


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Let's talk tuna.
If you don't want to talk tuna.... maybe go find something else to do, cos I'm about to talk tuna, and nothing but tuna.

So I was asked to sample the new range of tuna from Sirena. I had used Sirena tuna before in my cooking, so there was no hesitation when asked if I wanted to try the newest flavours: rosemary infused, dill infused and basil infused.

Looking for a time to photograph and sample the tuna was rather hard with moving house; but we recently indulged in tuna for dinner.
Hamsley loves his tuna, so requested tuna on toast for dinner, which I was happy with since I had spent all day in the kitchen trying to get it into order.
I toasted up some bagels, smeared them with a little mayo and avocado and topped them with tuna for us to try the different flavours.

I found the tuna to be quite salty on it's own, so I was a bit scared that it was going to be too salty on the bagel.
Luckily they weren't, and you could really taste the flavours of rosemary, dill and basil.

Of the 3 flavours, rosemary was our number one pick. In fact our pantry is stocked with many cans of the rosemary variety at the moment. I rather liked the basil, and dill was probably my least favorite, but still delicious!
The flavours weren't overpowering, nor were they really subtle. It was just the right balance to make you want to keep eating.


ohhh great- i love sirena-

I used to always buy Sirena tuna until I read an article by Greenpeace that listed them as the worst offender out of Australian tuna companies for their practices.

They provide no detail on their fishing methods, have no commitment to sustainability and don't tell consumers what type of tuna is in the can.

Overfishing is a huge danger to many species we all love to eat and thoughtless fishing that ends up with a lot of bycatch is further damage to the environment.

Sorry for the rant but I am passionate about this and think taste cannot be the only factor we use to determine if a product is good these days.

Have tried these new flavours too and I must say...not a fan! I think the herb flavours seem too overpowering. I'm sticking to Chilli in Oil, Lite Chilli and Italian in Oil (we buy tins & tins!). In fact do you know anywhere in Melbourne you can buy Sirena in bulk? My local greengrocer market used to sell it in cases but stopped. Great blog! Alison

i don't care.. but I'm eating that for sure.

Sirena is definitely the best brand for tuna - I didnt even know they had new flavours out. Might be time to give them a try!

I never tried Sirena brand before, we usually had John West. Thanks for the review, I will try the rosemary one, perhaps it would be yummy for tuna rosemary tart :-)

Hi Jo - It was delicious =)

Hi Jo - Thank you for alerting me to this. I think it is important that we know where our tuna is coming from too. Thank you for sharing it with us all too. I don't want to end up in a world where there is no tuna left.

Hi Alison - Oh, that's a shame. Did you drain the oil first? Chilli Oil is a good one. Not sure where you could buy bulk.. perhaps approach your local market and ask them?

Hi Made2Order - Let me know what you think then.

Hi Esz - Glad I could inform you of new flavours! I do like their chilli oil one.

Hi Miss Lucky Piggy - Tuna Rosemary Tart sounds fantastic!

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