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Vitasoy vs St Ali


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This funky invitation arrived in my inbox and it sounded like a fantastic event!
There were so many things that made me squeal with excitement:

- St Ali; I've never been but heard amazing things. I had experienced Outpost (St.Ali's sister cafe) as it was near my old work

- Cocktails by Der Raum; I have been there once with Katie and it was such a fantastic venue for cocktails. Bottles hanging from ropes from the ceiling, cocktails served in paper bags, syringes, and other funky ways.

- Desserts by Philipa Sibley; seeing her make that caramel parfait glace with salted peanut caramel and milk chocolate mousse on Masterchef make me drooooool. *sigh* if only I had an ice cream maker, I would attempt i.

- Circus acts also had me thinking of how amazing this night would be. And being able to take home part of a graffiti soy milk wall had me intrigued.

    Lighting inside was very dark, with DJs pumping out tunes whilst the crowd mingled. The other bloggers got some pretty amazing shots of the food and cocktails, their links are listed below for you to check out AFTER you have finished reading my post!

    All fingerfood and cocktails served included the Organic Vitasoy, from the chicken wings, to the amazing desserts.

    At the end of the night, the grafitti wall was dismantled and we could all take home a slab. It was a bit of a challenge to get the first slab out, but once they managed, we wondered on home with 2 slabs of Organic Vitasoy!

     A souvenir from the night.

    Check out what the other bloggers thought of the night, with more pictures of what we ate and drank!

    Thanh from I Eat Therefore I Am
    Sarah from Sarah Cooks
    Penny from Jeroxie
    Agnes from Off the Spork
    Maria from Gourmet Challenge

    Iron Chef Shellie attended Vitasoy vs St Ali as a guest of Fiona Brook from Harvey Publicity


    Hello sexy man with canapes! LOL... sounds like a great evening!!! love the graffiti art on the boxes. so innovative.

    What an awesome event. I've interned with Harvey Publicity before, so I know they always put on a good night. I like the idea of the graffiti wall- it looks like the same artist who did the wall on the corner of Little Lonsdale and Swanston Street.

    Mmmmm I have had my eye on the parfait glace for a while, it looks so tasty. This looks like a very cool event, what fun.

    Looks like a great night!! Graffiti wall looks fun too.

    Great to see you are having some 'Great Foodie Fun' Shellie, Love the Graffiti Wall, some are so talented with 'Great Art'Ideas? Just like you with all your Foodie Cook-Ups.
    Hugs, Jeanne.x :)

    Who've thought Vitasoy was so versatile? Great marketing night for them... I used to work for the company who own Vitasoy & dealt with their marketing team regularly, they are definitely passionate about the brand!

    Envious looking at your box of vitasoy!! LOL... next time I better stay longer even though it is school night.

    wow, so impressed!! You got some pretty great photos! So jealous you got TWO slabs of vitasoy. Should have hung around for longer.

    How good was that cocktail! Should have had a dozen more.

    Hi A Table For Two - LOL!! indeed... why else would I have taken a photo :P

    Hi Mean Eirene - Oh how awesome! It's great when they put a spin on a promo night.

    Hi Mark - It sure does! One day I'll consume it :P

    Hi My Restaurants Melbourne - It was a night of deliciousness =)

    Hi Jeanne - hehe thanks =)

    Hi Alison - I had no idea either!

    Hi Penny - hehe, if I was strong enough, I would have grabbed you a slab!

    Hi Maria - Thanks, I was impressed with my photos too! Yes, shoulda stocked up cocktails... but I was driving =(

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