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Eating Out In Tasmania: Fish Frenzy


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So I know I went to Tassie about 8 months ago, but on a quite day at work sifting through my USB stick I found some photos I intended to blog about, but just forgot lacked motivation to blog about.

My dad had eaten at Fish Frenzy on a recent trip to Tassie before we all went down together. I had read about it in a tourist guide, and made the executive decision what night we were going to check it out.
Voted the best fish and chips in Tasmania and displaying an "I <3 Food Award" sticker on it's door, I had high hopes for this place.

No doubt it was the busiest place on Elizabeth St Pier. All other restaurants/cafes seem to be non-existent next to this place.

We ended up sitting outside as there were no tables left inside. The seagulls provided entertainment; as people would leave, the seagulls wasted no time swooping in. Wait staff promptly ran out to clear the plates, and the annoying seagulls!

Fish Frenzy $16.50
2 pieces of crumbed fish, 4 scallops, 3 calamari rings and chips

Mum and Dad both went for the "Fish Frenzy". There was an excellent batter to fish ratio. The batter was so crisp, yet the fish inside was so light and flakey. I'm drooling just remembering it. It was a good serving size, however Mum complained that the scallops were only as big as your thumbnail.

Fish Burger and Chips $16.00

I went for something different, for the food blog's sake of course. I wasn't expecting the burger to be so huge!
I ended up emptying my little tub of tarte sauce into the burger for added moisture and flavour. It was epically filling, and fantastically good; especially for the price.

This place is perfect for the whole family.
A great range of salads as well on offer, and alcohol for those of legal age.

Menu can be found on their website: http://fishfrenzy.com.au

Fish Frenzy Hobart
Elizabeth Street Pier,
Sullivans Cove,
Hobart, Tasmania 7000
Ph: (03) 6231 2134


The fish burger is HE-UGE! And seagulls - well, they're just the vultures you need to look out for when enjoying fish and chips =p

That is a huge looking fish burger. Likewise, I have not yet finished blogging about Tassie.

I remember eating there 4 years ago when I went on a road trip with my bestie - your photos bring back fond memories :)
Late posting isn't bad - at least it made it to the blog (more than I can say for some of mine!)

I like seeing Tassie posts!

Fish Frenzy definitely is popular, glad you liked it :)

Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse - haha it was the biggest fish burger I ever had. Damn those seagulls!

Hi Penny - It certainly was! I have them all drafted up, ready to post =) So glad I made notes when I was there!!

Hi Forager - lol, glad I could bring back some memories =) Yes, I have a range of posts that won't ever make it on here ;)

Hi Bri - Yes, a back log of Tassie posts to come!

You know, there have been many times that I've eaten a giganto burger with great difficulty, and this could have been helped immensely by encasing it in a paper cone. More paper cones!

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