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Eating Out: Lindt Cafe


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So ever since the Taste Festival last year when I sampled a hot chocolate from Lindt, I've been dying for them to open. They told me it was going to open in 2009, so the time finally came and the doors have opened! ... and apparently a little birdy tells me Chadstone is opening a Lindt cafe next week! Oh no for my waist line!

I was very careful when taking photos, since Rilsta got told off for taking photos inside.
I made the trek down with Alana since we were having an epic day of shopping (not for clothes for a change).

We joined the line which was soon to make it's way out onto the street for a table to sit and enjoy our hot chocolates. We even got offered free cookie samples whilst waiting in line. But after waiting, and waiting, and having places to be, we decided to get take away hot chocolates, and save the sitting down for another time when all the hype had died down.

The coffee machine has two swirling chocolate vats, one milk chocolate, one dark chocolate. You can get hot chocolates with either, or your standard coffees and teas on offer.

There is an amazing array of cakes, truffles, ice cream, chocolate and of course, my favorite; macarons! It was a tough choice; pistachio, hazelnut, blueberry, chocolate, champagne, but I settled on passionfruit.

Left to right: milk chocolate macaron, passionfruit macaron

The passionfruit macaron was AMAZING!! I had to let Alana taste it, it was just amazing! The flavour was so intense and refreshing. The perfect accompaniment to my mocha. The chocolate macaron was also yum, soft and gooey.

Alana modelling her hot chocolate with chocolate flakes sprinkled on top..... yummmmmm!!!

I think I want to live here! The building is spectacular. There aren't too many tables available, so if you are going, I'd suggest you get there early or be prepared to wait in line. I can tell you all now, I will be making many treks to this Lindt cafe, and the one soon to open closer to home.

There isn't just chocolate on offer here, you can also get savory foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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the last time I had lindt cafe was in Sydney. Now with Chadstone almost open theres no excuse for me not to go....especially with the chocolate vats!

Excellent I'll visit the Chadstone then. Keep us inform on the Chadstone shop opening.

Yay! You finally made it there and didn't get told off for taking photos!!

Look at all the macarons!! When I went there none were available so I'll have to make the trip there again!

I wonder if the Chadstone one will be so lavishly decorated?

Oh, I had only just recovered from the jealousy of reading Rilsta's review, and now look what you've gone and done!

Hi Maria - I can't WAIT for Chadstone to open!

Hi Anonymous - I shall be visiting Chadstone and blogging it, so you'll know for sure!

Hi Rilsta - I was super stealth... well as stealth as you can be with a DSLR. I can't wait to try all the macarons!

Hi Conor - I am so so so sorry!

Ooh yes I recall the excitement when it first came to Sydney. They're funny about the photos inside thing but they don't seem to care if you take photos of the food at the table! :)

Hi Lorraine - Yeah, I've been super jealous of you Sydney people! Now all we need is Guylian and Zumbo :P

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