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Well my 7 week contract job has come to an end. I adopted a tradition they liked to call "Fat Friday" where one person would do a lunch run of whatever takeaway was mutually agreed on. We have had Charcoal Chicken, sushi, rice paper rolls, Subway, just to name a few. This being my last Fat Friday, I was sent out with a bang.

First up was this AMAZING chocolate mousse cake from Michel's Patisserie. I'm normally not the biggest fan of their cakes, but all of us couldn't get enough of this. It was so amazingly chocolately, and moussey and just melted in your mouth. I'd recommend this cake to anyone it was that good!

Then when I thought it was all over...

Gorgeous Louise tried her hand at baking, and surprised me with these delicious vanilla and orange cupcakes! They were so moist and flavorsome, I felt very special!

To add to Super Fat Friday, Nando's was consumed, followed by a little bit of popcorn, then ANOTHER trip to Lindt, but I got take away macarons of the exotic flavours on offer, then polished it all off with some sushi.
I will tackle the maracons with my loved ones throughout the weekend, sharing, and "researching". Back on the healthy eating band wagon tomorrow... except for dinner ;) stay tunned for that review!


Wow, you guys don't hold back on the super or the fat! :)

Only if everyday could be a Super Fat Friday...

Nice work, glad to see you went out with a bang.

I'm too scared to try any of Michel's Patisserie products after my sister was given one of their gingerbread houses for Christmas last year. It was almost unbelievable how bad it was. It left the most horrendous aftertaste in your mouth that nothing could erase. She told me this, and I of course had to try it for myself. I can almost still taste it now.

Hi Simon - No, no we didn't hold back at all! Luckily I didn't feel too sick after it all, I walked around the city for most of the night trying to burn it all off :P

Hi Conor - I was so impressed how much they did for me. Sure it wasn't that much, but cakes and cupcakes is the way to my heart :P

I don't blame you though for being scared for Michel's. Don't worry, it's not for all of us :P

wow shel, that was a lot of food. hehehe. hope you enjoyed it :)

How sweet you were given cupcakes :-) Thats such a nice send off!

I'm in agreeance of the Michels wariness. Very rare I've got anything decent from there. The sausage rolls and pies are okay but the cakes are certainly not enticing.

Hee hee this isn't too bad :P you should see my fridays... it would scare you haha

Hi Jacks - It certainly was ALOT of food. I did enjoy every moment of it =)

Hi Esz - Cupcakes are always awesome! Haven't had much from Michel's but I'm not a big fan.

Hi FFichiban - Oh my! I'm interested in your fat friday now!

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