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I'm an official Nuffnanger!


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I'm going to thank Chocolate Suze for getting me onto Nuffnang. After seeing her blog post on Nuffnang, I wanted a piece of the action too. And the best part is, Nuffnang sponsor all kinds of blogs, not just food blogs!

I received my welcome package on Monday containing a few delicious and non edible goodies:

Received 2 packs of Redkin hair products, John West tuna, Leggo's Italian beef casserole sauce, Spring Valley juicy tea, and a $10 gift card.

There is a competition with the $10 Coles Myer gift card. You can either be the Nuffie than spends the $10 in the most creative, interesting or fun way, OR you have to see how far you can make that $10 stretch.

Stay tuned later this week to see what I did with mine!

Nuffnang are also running an Asia Pacific blogger awards for the best bloggers. If you enjoy reading my blog, then please vote for me here, and I could be going to Singapore to attend the awards. If you nominate the most amount of blogs, you could also win a cash prize of SGD $1000 and a 3 day, 2 night trip to Singapore!


Oops, are we supposed to blog about receiving the goods?! I joined Nuffnang too. While it's cool to see the stats of the hits I get, the earnings seem to stay at zero!

Can't seem to get on the nomination website, but when I can, I'll be nominating you! :)

i look forward to see what you do with the $10. i'm thinking you try and make a 3 course meal out of what you received plus using the $10 and present the food like a 3 Hatted Restaurant :-)

Hehe $10, now that's a challenge! Hmm I bet you can come up with something good for it! :D Can you have nuffnang and foodbuzz at the same time?

To answer Lorraine's question: Billy (atablefortwo) and I both got emails from Foodbuzz to remove Nuffnang from our blog as technically you're not allowed to belong to two ad networks.

Too bad, the Nuffnang ad was getting me some money while it was running but now Foodbuzz is paying us more. I wonder how long it'll be before FB emails you lol. Fingers cross they don't notice!

Does Foodbuzz pay well? What sort of CPM - I guess it is in their terms that you can't share that. I have direct ads that I charge $10 per 1000 visitors and I'll probably undercharging.
My senior dog refused to eat the Italian Beef Casserole this morning.

The anticipation of the $10 challenge! Freebies are fun, huh? :)

Hi Rilsta - No no, I just wanted to do a post :P I'm not earning anything yet either, I don't think you do until they put ads on your blog.
Thanks for the nomination!

Hi Simon - Now that is a good idea! What to do... what to do?

Hi Lorraine - I have a few ideas but seeing what other people are doing I'm starting to doubt my ideas... oh well, will spend a good afternoon in Coles wondering around!

Hi Chocolatesuze - mmm indeed =D

Hi Karen - Thanks for clearing that up for me! I hope FB doesn't notice. Or offer to pay more, but Nuffnang sound more fun :P

Hi Ed - I can't remember off the top of my head what they pay to be honest, but I $10 sounds heaps more than FB. Might give them up and stick with Nuffnang, they sound fun.
I can't believe your dog wouldn't eat the Italian beef casserole! I haven't tried it yet, but that doesn't give me much faith in it!

Hi Simon - Freebies are always fun!!

Oh and Shellie I'm going to vote for you! :D

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