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It's totally a hard job, but someone has to do it. Luckily for you all, I took the liberty to try some more macaron flavours from Lindt, just so you know which ones are the best.
OooOoooooo.... look at the pretty colours...

Left to right: hazelnut, passionfruit, pistachio, vanilla & strawberry

I was in the city on Friday night with Rob, previewing the new James Cameron flick Avatar at IMAX, that will be released in December. And let me just tell you, so far it's looking super sexy and I can't wait to watch the whole thing. Check out the trailor. He came up with the idea 14 years ago, but the technology wasn't available then. It's insanely good when wearing the 3d glasses at the cinema.

Alas, back to the macarons! After the preview we walked around the city, and I convinced Rob to visit the Lindt Cafe (my current favorite place in case you hadn't noticed!). I picked up a nice variety, very colourful too.

I was a bit disappointed they didn't have the peach or black currant flavours I really wanted to try, but I figure they are more summer flavours, but I did see the black currant on my first trip. I'll just have to keep checking in!

Clockwise from top left: pistachio, vanilla, strawberry & hazelnut

Ok so you already know of my love for the passionfruit macaron, but what about the others?

Pistachio: very subtle pistachio flavour. I found I really had to concentrate to taste the pistachio.
Vanilla: a nice vanilla flavour. You can see fresh vanilla beans have been used, even throughout the cream filling.
Strawberry: tastes a bit like strawberry jam, and with the creamy centre, it's a bit like eating a scone with jam and cream.
Hazelnut: a definite hazelnut flavour, reminds me a bit of Nutella with the creamy hazelnut filling. Very smooth and full of flavour. My 2nd favorite to the passionfruit.

After plenty of "research", my conclusions are that passionfruit is still the best, hazelnut coming in a close 2nd, dark chocolate in 3rd place, then the rest.

Can't wait to try: peach, black currant, roselli & coconut.


Lovely photos! I got to Lindt Chaddy on the weekend and tried out some macarons. Still have to post about it! The pistachio one tasted like cough medicine to me!


I suspect that my preferences would be similar to yours, although I haven't tasted any of them. Did I mention we don't have a Lindt Cafe in Perth? Did I? ;)

(it's only fair that you continue trying them again and again, seeing as you're also eating them on behalf of us WA readers)

I haven't tried the passionfruit one but my favourite one was teh lemon. I think tart flavours really lend themselves to macaraons as they can be so sweet! :)

I tried these macarons the other week, hazelnut, vanilla and pistachio. Hazelnut was defiantly my favourite out of the three, amazing. After reading this post, you've totally made me want to go back and get the other flavours! Love your blog by the way, it's fantastic :)

Oh my gosh, I have to try these! Those hazelnut ones have my name on them.

Macarons are all the rage now, huh?

Can't wait for your next post. I'm interested to see what the roselli tastes like.

Hi Rilsta - Thanks! I didn't get any cough medicine flavour through my pistachio one :S

Hi Conor - dude, if I keep eating macarons, I'm going to be the size of Western Australia! haha

Hi Lorraine - LEMON??? LEMON?? I had no idea there was a lemon flavour. I'd be all over it like a rash!

Hi Maddy - Thanks so much =) I'm glad I can provide people with motivation to feed their face :P

Hi Cherry Blossom Cupcakes - Yes, I highly recommend you do!

Hi Simon - Macarons are certainly the new cupcake. I am in the middle of sampling the next batch!

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