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Turning $10 into $100


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Ok, so you all saw that I recently became a Nuffie with Nuffnanger. The competition is either:

  • Be the Nuffie that spends $10 in the most creative, interesting or fun way. It is totally up to you what you choose to do with it, you just have to impress the Nuffnang team here with your shopping skills. OR....
  • Most frugal Nuffie award. How far can you stretch $10 and what can you make it do?
Now my entry into the competition to turn the $10 gift voucher into a $100 gift voucher! I'm not sure what category I am... maybe you can help me decide!

Let's start where the $10 was spent, Coles:

At first I wanted to SPAM you all with lots and lots of spam, but spam was rather expensive, when you have a $10 budget..

But then I noticed it was Daffodil Day, and every year since my grandpa passed away from cancer in 1997, I support the cause. So I got my daffodils, and my memories and decided to dedicate my $10 challenge to one of the most amazing people that has been part of my life, grandpa.

First of all, this dummy of Curtis Stone scared the bajebus outta me! I was like "... what? is it him? but why would he ... ohhh... it's just a dummy with his face on it".

Luckily, Coles had some good specials, including these 98c crackers!! Bargain:

So what did I get for $10?

A few canned vegetables, crackers and a bottle of Lambrusco. Not sure why I went for these, but thought I could make something pretty arty that you might find at a fancy restaurant. I remember eating all of these these with my grandpa, and well the non-alcoholic Lambrusco was always a treat when growing up because it makes you look like are drinking wine.

And the results:

Some werido beetroot stack thing that I'm not sure even I would eat. Well at least it photographed well, and looks arty.

In loving memory of iron chef grandpa. I miss you every day.


Ooh, it's a dreaded antipastoctopus! Run for your lives!

(also, your Grandpa looks like a real character. I'm sorry xx)

Haha! Can food stack!! Me love! Well done with your $10 at Coles!

The overhead view of the stack kind of reminds me of some sort of South American artwork. Either that or a company brand of some sort, which I can't quite put my finger on...

Wow, it's so interesting to see how the branding in one city differs to another. The Arnotts "Savoy" are referred to in Sydney as "Jatz", but are otherwise the same product.

The beautiful memories that one could never forget. Those spent with our special grandparents and remembering the love they give to us all.

Love your dedication, that's so sweet :) I'd eat your beetroot stack, it looks so pretty!! x

Sorry to hear abt Iron Chef Grandpa. :( Good to know that his memory lives on.

Good job with the $10 challenge! I think you should win in both categories!

P.S. You were such a cutie baby!

What an absolute lovely post. I think your granpa would be proud. I've really impressed that not only did you create a dish with your $10, but there's also something to wash it down with. Good job!

Hi Conor - haha love it! Grandpa was awesome, don't be sorry =)

Hi Ellie - Can food stack for the win? I hope so! Thanks!

Hi Simon - That's interesting to know! I'm just glad it photographed well! I was a bit worried about it falling over.
Weird about the product differences!

Hi funkedup - I couldn't agree more.

Hi Alana - Thanks gorgeous =) Well if you wanna eat the beetroot stack, it's all yours ;)

Hi Rilsta - It's good to hold on to memories =)
I was going to post a better photo, but thanks :P

Hi Maria - Thank you. I'm sure he would be proud =)

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