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Eating Out: Nikos


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A couple of friends recently moved to the suburb of Oakleigh. Known for it's Greek community, we recently went for a souvlaki there. However, on one of our first treks down to the shops we found the mother of all cake shops in the area, Nikos.

(excuse the lower quality iPhone photos)

We were just innocently looking for cheap shops to find basic household items, when we found ourselves in front of this window. We all just stopped in awe of the massive selection of cakes... and there were even more varieties inside!
Service is good, despite to people constantly buzzing in and out or lingering at tables enjoying some sweets. There are wedding cakes, birthday cakes and every other type of cake on the back wall being displayed. You don't have to be Greek to enjoy what they have to offer, have a look at what we've enjoyed;

On the first trip, Rob got one of the many kinds of baklava. This was one of the smaller sized ones, packed full of nutty goodness.

I got the small biscuit, filled with jam and dipped in chocolate. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the jam, it was the commercialized stuff, and didn't really do anything for me. Hamish on the other hand got one of the biggest slices of cakes on offer. It was a Ferreo Rocher cake, and it just smelt divine. Hamish had no trouble eating the whole thing, and we still talk about that "epic slice of cake" to this day.

Then my grandma wanted to meet us for afternoon tea one day, so instead of going into the city, I suggested we meet at this new place I discovered. I get my sweet tooth genes from my grandma, and as you can imagine, she loved Nikos just as much as I did!

Rob got a freshly made Greek donut, and a semolina slice. He said both were very nice, with the semolina slice obviously being quite dense and filling.

My gorgeous Grandma got, a pistachio roulade and something I think called a "Rumbah". She was very content after eating this, but still wanted to get some more cakes to take home!

And well, I went for something chocolatey of course! A Baci ring, similar to one I had from Brunetti, full of full hazelnuts, an almost Nutella like filling, on top of a biscuit base. I know what you are thinking.... mega fattness! So if that wasn't enough, I tried a little baklava too!
Next time I go to Nikos I won't be indulging this much!

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It is so utterly selfless of you to have tried so many of the cakes to inform your readers! I would totally have gone for some sort of chocolate covered baklava, and probably at least one or two other things.... plus some to take home :)

Hi Conor,
HAHA i love it! Yes, I was totally selfless and gutless :P mmmmm chocolate covered baklava!!

Wow look at the size of that Ferrero Rocher cake! :o It looks huge! And just like something I'd adore too :)

Hi Lorraine,
I know! It's massive isn't it? Of course, that tiny biscuit helps make it look even larger! I look forward to trying it myself one day!

oooh my workmate nicole has been telling about nikos cos shes from there. it looks great. i definitely must swing by.


Hi spatulasspoonandsaturday.
You should definitely swing on by!

Great sweets, however do not buy a birthday cake!! Paid $235 for a mud cake and found it had fake cream filling. 4 weeks after making a complanint, all they have offered me is a $20 voucher towards another cake or a packet of biscuits!! Very poor customer service and less than impressed!

Hi Anonymous - That is outrageous!! I wouldn't buy a full cake from there anyways since my mum is amazing cake maker but woah, that makes me think twice about going there!

everytime i pass by this place on the way to work, i salivate at the sweets display. Have you tried Vanilla up the next block?

Hi Cruxiefaye - I haven't tried Vanilla yet. Perhaps next time I'm up that way! Thanks for the suggestion

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