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Eating Out: Zonzo


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Today was a day of amazing food, delicious local and imported wine and fabulous company.
We set out for a trip down to the Yarra Valley to celebrate Alana's birthday. With lots of wineries only offering extremely high priced set menus on a Sunday, the birthday girl found a lovely place that didn't send us broke; Zonzo restaurant at Train Trak.

On a Sunday, the busiest day of the week, there were only 2 options; order a la carte or a sharing menu at $40 per head. As there were 7 of us, we weren't too sure what to do. We wanted pizzas, but pizzas weren't on the a la carte menu, so we did a silent ballot to decide. It was 6 for the sharing menu and 1 for the a la carte, so we went with the sharing menu. The good thing about the sharing menu meant, all you can eat pizza, so we knew we could get our money's worth.

Moscato wine from Italy, the dining room & the antipasto platter

The Moscato wine was Tristan's pick and it was just amazing! Very fruity, sweet with a light fizz was a nice wine to accompany everything.
The dining room was very open with gorgeous views of the vineyard and cascading countryside, allowing lots of natural light in, almost giving the illusion of eating outside.
We received 2 antipasto platters with delicious fresh produce, including proscuitto, artichokes, zucchinis, olives, a selection of cheese, eggplant, onions, pancetta and the most amazing semi-sundried tomatoes I've ever tasted. They were rather sweet and just divine! To accompany the platters, we received fresh bread and 2 salads.

Clockwise: Magarita, Prawn, Potato Semi-Sundried Tomatoes Olives, Italian Sausage

I cannot express in words how amazing these pizzas were. But I will say, for me to find the perfect pizza it's very hard. These were just perfect, thin crispy base, loaded but not overloaded with fresh napoli sauce, fresh herbs and fresh toppings. The flavours were just bliss for the tastebuds! ... ok I think you might get how good they were now.

Service was very attentive throughout our dining experience. The views and company definitely helped us enjoy such a delicious menu. I really look forward to returning here again to gobble my way through the rest of the menu!

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Looks delicious! Love a good pizza.

An excellent reason to commit carbocide! :D

They certainly look like good simple authentic pizzas - yum! Nice setting for it too.

Hi Anonymous,
Oh they certainly were!

Hi Robert,
A very good reason!

Hi Forager,
Oh they certainly were authentic. Shame it's not very close to home though!

I love travel posts! They always give me great ideas for places to travel. A great pizza is hard to describe although it's so easy to eat isn't it lol

I love the look of all the gourmet pizzas. I especially like your antipasto platter. It seems like you had a beautiful afternoon with a bunch of good friends, great wine and food, you can't really ask for anything better.

Hi Lorraine,
I love travel posts too! Fantastic pizza really is hard to describe!

Hi Linda,
Certainly was a fabulous afternoon!

Train Trak Winery is in Yarra Glen, not Ringwood! We got lost! Magnificent location. Zonzo was beautiful, but expensive - one pizza cost $23 and hardly had any topping. I love basil, and it had only 3 basil leaves. I asked for a glass of water and was given a huge 1.5 lt bottle of mineral which cost $4. I just wanted a glass of tap water for free. The winery was lovely though and the lady there was so nice and friendly. Probably won't go back to Zonzo unless I win tattslotto.

Hi Anonymous,
I know it's in Yarra Glen! Blame Urbanspoon for that!!

My family and I had a wonderful time at Zonzo, we were aware in advance that it was gormet pizza's and pastas, so we happy to pay the price for the quality, particularly for the Yarra valley. The excellent waitstaff explained that becuase they are on tank water they sont have the capacity to serve the water. However 1.5 liters for $4, we found to be very reasonable as you pay $3.00 these days for 600ml.

Will definately be back, the food was delicious, the service was great and it was a beautiful family environment.

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