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Eating Out: Cafe On Eaton


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Today I had my first "real" souvlaki. I've had a go at making them, but never had one from a rotating meat skewer before.
We originally wanted to try a place called Orexi, but unfortunately when we got there, like most places in Oakleigh on a Sunday, it was closed. So we wondered up the road and found Cafe on Eaton, with a welcoming atmosphere and a reasonably priced menu.

A good range of food on the menu, bound to suit everyone. But we were here for one thing, and one thing only, a souvlaki. Most people know souvlakis are the meal at the end of a big night of drinking and partying, but since I've never been a big drinker I guess this is why I have never had a souvlaki before! Well, this was lunch time, no drinking involved, just 3 hungry people wanting food!

Lamb Souvlaki - $9.00
Lamb, lettuce, tomato and tzatziki

The enormous souvlaki arrived on a plate, and I wondered if I was going to be able to eat it all!

I did manage to scoff the whole thing down, admittedly it did take me some time to get through. It fell apart half way through and I had to finish it off with a fork and knife.
It was sooooo delicous! The pita was so fresh, I wouldn't be surprised it if it was made that day, with tender, succulent lamb, fresh salad and creamy, zesty yoghurt sauce. I couldn't fault it. It was stuffed full of lamb it was coming out the other side. Definitely worth $9!

Yiros Plate - $11.00

Rob got the yiros plate, which is pretty much an open souvlaki on a plate. The menu says you get this with chips, but Rob requested no chips as we are on a bit of a health kick at the moment. I would have liked some chips in my souvlaki as George from Masterchef says the real Greek souvlakis have chips in them, and that's how they are served at The Press Club.

Prices are very reasonable, the service we had was good, food came out fast. I'd definitely go back, but I think we will be doing a souvlaki tour of Oakleigh, since there is a big Greek community there.

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Wow, what a right of passage :D

My old local kebab shop made the BEST chips, and I would always have to order the 'meal deal' with chips even though it was a struggle to get through all the food just because the chips were always so great. It is probably a good thing that I no longer live within walking distance of that place.

Hi Conor,
Oh that sounds so bad for the waist line, get so good for the taste buds!!
Sounds like an obesity maker :P

I can't believe you haven't had a souvlaki before! The best ones are the ones freshly carved off the spit and the meat is so melt in the mouth soft! Yum! I haven't had souvlaki for a while... you are making me want one now!

Hi Rilsta,
Yeah, I couldn't believe I've never had a proper "Souva" until now either. Oh the shame :P

Yum! That looks delicious. I haven't had a souvlaki in a while but your pictures are making me want one for lunch today!

Hi Lorraine,
Sorry for making you feel like a souva. Oh rats, now I feel like one too!

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