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Excuse the lower resolution photos... taken from my iPhone.

More exciting Tasmania posts and some cooking posts soon to come... but for now:

I wasn't the only one who started a new job at my place of work. My newest, shiniest colleague, Kaitlin joined the crew a couple of weeks after me. She is originally from California, and I have an uncle in California (hi there!!! I know you read my blog!), and one boring Thursday morning we got talking about food.

Kaitlin was telling me a story about this place called Pink Berry in the US, and how people started calling it Crack Berry, because it's like crack to some people; they must have a dose of it everyday. She mentioned there were some copy cat versions down here in Melbourne, but the craze of it was nothing like in L.A. Infact, there was one just down the road from our office. So on a gorgeous sunny lunch break, I scooted up the road to get me some yoghurt action!

There are 3 flavours of yoghurt to choose from; original, pomegranate and green tea. You can then choose from a range of toppings, including fresh fruits &muesli. You can even get it blended up into an 'igloo blend'. They even have a range of winter warmers, which sounded deeelicious.

The yoghurt is 98% fat free, and is a real tart yoghurt. No added sugar like you would find at those other yoghurt bars. It goes nice with a range of natural sugar toppings. I went for a green tea yoghurt with an organic triple chocolate crunch topping. The green tea flavour was not evident, it was more just green in colour, but nice, creamy and tart.

Kaitlin got original flavour with strawberries, mango and chocolate coated goji berries. On my next trip I think I will be getting lychees in mine! nom nom nom
Check out their cute website: http://www.igloozoo.com/

Do you have a frozen yoghurt bar like this near you?

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Ooh yeah, frozen yoghurt! Another reason why summer is totally awesome.

I don't have a frozen yoghurt place near me, but I DO have an Icey Ice Snow Ice (http://www.iceyice.com.au/) place just up the road. I love this stuff, although it is impossible to describe to the non-enlightened without using lots of similes and adjectives and hand waving.

hey shellie, yup, there's one on elizabeth street just a few steps from my uni, it's called mahoni's. my favourite is green tea favour with dark chocolate chips.

oh man i would love this! i'm not aware of any in sydney but maybe i'm just clueless

The best 'tart' tasting frozen yogurt I have had was in Singapore at a place called Yami yogurt I think. I haven't been able to find anything similar here so I will have to try Igloo Zoo! Yay for the finds around your new workplace!

I used to live just down the road from here and we kept trying to go there and taste the frozen yoghurt, but we are both obsessed with Cold Rock, so whenever we would go in there we would look at the options, then each other and finally go "cold rock?" I cant help it! Faced with anything with cookie dough in it, I know which I am choosing!!

Aww, I can't think of a frozen yoghurt place near me. How sad, that's exactly what I feel like right now after reading your post!

I've tried the stuff from pink berry while I was in LA in April. From what you have described, the yoghurt from Pink Berry is like the ones in Igloo Zoo. Heck they even have the same flavours! The one from Pink Berry is insanely tart though.

I may try this place if the weather gets way too hot.

Hi Shellie
When you are in Sydney or Queensland check out

Nice! I love frozen yoghurt. It sounds kinda healthy too... hehe.. It's a shame that your one didn't actually have any green tea flavour, that would've been awesome!

yes! I've been past this place a few times, but when I see yogurt, I automatically keep walking! LOL

Although, I'm addicted to Green Tea icecream, so I'll try out the green tea variety. Cheers!

Hi Conor - I LOVE icey ice snow!! I had some when I was in your fine city.

Hi Amanda - Thanks! Shall check it out next time I'm in the city!

Hi A Girl Called E - I'm sure Sydney has something similar... they have everything else!

Hi Rilsta - I shall have to track it down when I'm in Singapore next!

Hi Imasugarjunkie - Yeah, I would probably go to Cold Rock over here too ;)

Hi Agnes - I'm sure you will find one soon!

Hi Cruxiefaye - Ahhh! Well that's good to know! I will be going here on hot hot days... or to Trampoline!

Hi Marieeats - Thanks darl! I shall add it my list!

Hi Betty - Yeah, it is kinda healthy, healthier than ice cream ;)

Hi Adrian - Yeah, I usually keep walking too! I will be trying more fruity toppings next time.

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