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Photo Journal: Hobart & Surrounds


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I debated if I could post a non-food related post on my food blog... then I thought... "Stuff it. It's my blog, I can do whatever the frick I want!" So with that in mind; I give you some miscallenous shots of my recent trip to Hobart. The food posts will come, and so will a gorgeous photo journal of my trip to Port Arthur.

I finally started reading Matt Preston's book on the flight over, with my $4 tube of Jetstar Pringles. Awesome book. I was chuckling to myself on the plane, hoping no one thought I was a crazy lady!

Excuse the small map. It was done in iPhoto... I could have done the connecting lines but you wouldn't be able to read anything!

My home for 5 nights was at the Wyndham Resort on Seven Mile Beach; 2 bedrooms (complete with electric blankets), 1 kitchen with laundry facilities, 1 bathroom, lounge, outdoor dining area.

We had 1 pool, 2 spas, 2 detox boxes (one wasn't working, and I didn't feel very detoxed after 30 minutes in the one that was working), a games room, playground, massive chess set, barbecues, and you could even hire bikes, fishing rods and golf clubs.

Around the resort.

The resort was just across the road from the beach. The top photo is a lovely sunset over Seven Mile Beach. The other two photos were taken at scenic viewpoints on our way back home from Port Arthur.

Tasmania was every bit as gorgeous as everyone said it would be. With rolling green hills, and bursts of floral colour on the roadside where ever you drive; it is really a picturesque part of Australia.

Salamanca was probably my favorite place in Hobart. The markets on Saturday were great, I will be following up with a post just on them soon! Lots of great food finds down there too.

I found a giant wall of ramen.

Some of the cute and quirky signs I found along the way.

This was Dootown. Every house had a cute name like; Love Me Doo, Doo Mee, Dr. Doo Little, Doo Try It, Just Doo It..... you get the picture.... even the cafe at the blowhole had a doo-name.

Taken on my last day, when it finally started raining, I saw these on a boat and couldn't help but sing, 99 luft balloons!

Stay tuned for my Tazzie food adventures, and more photo journals. I hope you enjoyed this one.

Have you been to Tazzie? What was your favorite site or food place?


Awesome photos!! That resort looks very nice, shame about the detox box (not that I have any idea what a detox box is anyway). Maybe you didn't feel detoxed cos you are naturally detoxed!! Maybe Matt Preston's words detoxed you already, haha.

Looking forward to more Tassie posts!

(oh yeah and I love the incorrect apostrophe in the wall of ramen photo... gives a nice authenticity to the shot ;) )

Oh yay Tassie photos!
Salamanca is nice isn't it! And its all about the food for me - not so much the gimmicky souvenirs hehe. Did you try the bratwursts??? and the dutch pancakes?

wow great photos - looks like a really nice place that you stayed! looking forward to hearing about your food adventures there!

great photos. and the resort does look really nice ;) look fwd to more photos!

Gorgeous photos as usual!

The place you stayed at looks so fabulous! What a find!

have to ask! what is a detox box? the resort looks fantastic! as does the wall of ramen - so many noodles.
love that picture of the "99 luft balloons" too - the sky looks so ominous!

Wow, that place looks lovely and I love that outdoor chess set :D And lol at 99 luft balloons!

Hi Conor - Thanks love! Ahhh Mr.Preston's words might have detoxed me indeed :P
I didn't even notice the crap punctuation! I love when you tell me stuff I don't notice in my own photos! It's not the first time!!

Hi Esz - Salamanca is the bomb! I didn't try bratwursts or dutch pancakes, cos I had an epic breakfast at Zum! next time ;)

Hi Imasugarjunkie - Many thanks =) Many food adventure stories to tell.

Hi Ms S Loveridge - Thank you =) I look forward to posting more photos! haha

Hi Rilsta - awww, thanks hun! Mum and Dad are part of some accommodation club, so it was free for me =D They have fantastic hotels, etc.

Hi A Girl Called E - A detox box is what they described as a dry sauna. You sit in there and it gets hot, up to 42degrees. It wasn't that great, I didn't even break a sweat!
The sky does look very ominous!!

Hi Lorraine - It was pretty cool, I just wish I knew how to play chess :P

Love that you were chuckling on the plane! On my most recent plane trip I was reading Mia Freedman's 'Mama Mia' and I laughed and cried - The poor people next to me....

Nice pics! I gasped when I saw the wall of ramen. :D Where did you see that gem?

Buying Cravat-a-Licious was my "must do" while in Melbourne as I couldn't get it on Amazon. Read it on the plane and loved every second. I have the biggest crush on Matt Preston.

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