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Eating Out In Tasmania: Zum


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I had grand plans of treating the family for breakfast at the Machine Laundry Cafe I had heard so much about. Alana had told me they do excellent breakfasts, and I had previous read about the place and thought it would be a great place to blog; a laundrette and a cafe in one. However, I couldn't find the place, at least not until later on in the day, and it looked like it would be impossible to get a table.
I also read the about Retro Cafe close by. They had won the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide's award for best cafe in 2005. But the breakfast menu in there was so limited, and the atmosphere was pretty flat, I had no desire to eat there.

Zum had been recommended to me by Zoe Skewes (@HeraldSunFood) on Twitter, and the breakfast menu there had lots of variety. It had such a fantastic atmosphere, I was so glad we finally ended up there.

Eggs Benedict $15.00
Poached eggs, ham, house hollandaise on toscana bread

Mum thoroughly enjoyed her eggs benedict. I was relieved because I had dragged her around for quite a bit trying to find the Machine Laundry Cafe, and she kept whinging she would have been happy with a croissant from the markets.

Ricotta Hotcakes $15.00
Served with a berry compote and King Island Cream

I have been wanting to try ricotta hotcakes since seeing and hearing about Bill Granger's famous ricotta hotcakes.
When my dish arrived at the table, we all took a step back to take in the size of the serve. This was a breakfast of champions! The hotcakes were so light and fluffy. Teamed up with the berries and cream (and I'm not a huge cream person), was just freaking fantastic. I had trouble finishing it all, but I'm so glad I did; or I would be sitting here wishing I had.

Chocolate Croissant $5.00, Blueberry Muffin $4.50, Mocha $3.60, Chocolate Milkshake $5.00

Dad started off with a croissant, but wasn't sure if he was full or not, so then ordered a muffin. He also thoroughly enjoyed both.

ZUM is now one of my favorite places in Tasmania for sure. I noticed there is also one on Elizabeth Street in North Hobart.
Service here was outstanding. The wait staff constantly working extremely hard to keep everyone happy.

They also sell one of my favourite beverages; Charlies' Homemade Lemonade, as well as drink from the Phoenix range. In fact they are freely available in Hobart! I have such trouble finding them in Melbourne.

Raspberry Muffin - $4.50

We tried to have breakfast here again before our Cascade tour, but a table of 20 came in just before us and slowed down the kitchen. We had to cancel our order and get muffins and pasteries instead, or we would miss our tour. This raspberry muffin was so moist and delicious, packed full of fruit. Zum wins again!

ZUM Salamanca
29 Salamanca Place
Hobart, Tasmania
Ph: 03 6223 2323


The pancakes do look delish!

I love Zum too - I've been a number of times, for brekky and lunch, when I've been down in Hobart for work. It's been consistently good for the last few years...

yes yes - ricotta hotcakes are superb. i can so testify. recently had them at globe in prahran. YUM!! that lighting is so gorgeous. nice photos! :)

Well done for finishing the hotcakes. They deserved to be finished, and your tummy deserved to get every last bit!

tassie looks gorgeous... i wanna go now :)

Sound like you had a great time in Tassie! Love ricotta hotcake for breakfast. They are the best!!

Thanks for letting us know about Zum! Will keep that in mind for any Tasmanian trips :D

All that food looks so good. The ricotta hotcakes are actually easy to make - you just need to be gentle when cooking them!

I'm going up to Tassie in Feb- so will try out those delish ricotta hotcakes!

Hi Fiona - Indeed they were!

Hi Mellie - I love a place that is consistently good. =)

Hi Ms S Loveridge - Oh in Prahran! I might have to venture down to Globe myself to give them a try.

Hi Conor - Thank you. I couldn't agree more. :P

Hi Betty - I wouldn't mind going back ;)

Hi Ellie - I had a delicious time in Tassie!

Hi Lorraine - I have many more Tasmania posts to come!

Hi Kyla - If you say they are easy, I will attempt to give them a go. I really want to anyways!

Hi Adrian - You mean going DOWN to Tassie ;) haha yes, enjoy these babies when you are down there.

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