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Photo Journal: Port Arthur


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We had a lovely day for exploring the Port Arthur grounds. These are some of the snaps I took whilst wondering around the grounds. Hope you enjoy them!

The above picture demonstrates the cells. There was a punishment cell, which was a small room with no windows, so it was just pitch black. I couldn't step in the first time. Then I tried to grow some balls and be a man and try to step in again; I lasted all of two seconds and ran out! It was too spooky. 

Below is my favorite picture of the day:
Below is some photos taken from inside and around the haunted post office. You can definitely sense a presence when you are inside the post office.

A gorgeous tree needed it's photo taken.

I thought I'd end on something food related; ye olde kitchen!

For more information on Port Arthur, head to their website: www.portarthur.org.au


So serene yet eerie at the same time...I would have doubts about stepping in the cells as well, as none of us can possibly imagine the horrors that once took place there *shudder*

gorgeous photos!

Beautiful photos! I love your favourite photo of the day too! :)

Oooh Port Arthur is so pretty. Its changed a lot since they renovated it....less eeriness and it was a lot 'darker'. Its still really nice though. Looks like you had some fab weather too.

lovely photos. would love to visit Tassie one day :)

Fantastic photos! Despite the eeriness it looks so nice and bright there.

Hi Ms S Loveridge - Thanks babe =D

Hi Mademoiselle Deliciieuse - Yes, horrible horrible things would have happened there. =(

Hi Imasugarjunkie- Many thanks =D

Hi Rilsta - Thanks darl! It is a good photo, I impressed myself!

Hi Esz - Yeah, after the renovation, they think it's acceptable to charge $28 entry!! It was still a good day out though.

Hi Ellie - Thank you =) Make sure you do, it's lovely over there.

Hi Conor - Thank you! So true, so very true.

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