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Eating Out In Tasmania: Jackman & McRoss


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When I put the shout out for food recommendations of places to eat in Tasmania, Rachel from Beyond Beeton, and Zoe Skewes from Herald Sun Food both recommended this place.
So after trawling through the Salamanca Markets 1.5 times (the 0.5th time was to go back and buy myself a hat), we walked up Kelly's Steps to the next town, Battery Point.

A gorgeous double shopfront is ever so inviting, with is French cafe style chairs, and gorgeous selection of yummies on offer. You would be silly to just walk past I would think.

Roast Potato, Garlic, Basil & Sundried Tomato Soup $8.50

Having still being mega full from my ricotta hotcake breakfast at ZUM, I opted for a lighter lunch.
It was a fairly rich soup, with full of flavour. I would have liked the sundried tomatoes to be cut into smaller chunks, rather than tossed in whole. With the bread roll, it was an extremely filling lunch. So filling, I couldn't finish it.

Poached Trout with Horse Radish & Boconcini, on Spiced Black Rice & Buttered Leek $9.50

Dad rather enjoyed his trout dish. The spiced black rice being served like a hamburger patty, played tricks on the mind. He commented that the trout was rather juicy, and not dry at all.

Lamb Shank in Pastry, with Fetta, Sundried Tomatoes, Carmalized Onion & Spinach $9.50

I wanted to order this, but Mum had her eye on this right from the start. When you are a blogger, having variety is key. However, darling Mum did let me try it, and my goodness it was amazing. Deliciously tender lamb with all of those flavours combined made for a real treat.

Our waiter was very attentive, given the business of the place. With lots of yummy treats on offer, I would recommend this place to anyone that was heading out to Battery Point (5 minute walk from Salamanca). Prices are $2 more when dining in, but when you get excellent service, it all makes it worth while.

Jackman & McRoss Bakery
57 Hampden Road
Battery Point


That spiced black rice is interesting! It does look like a hamburger pattie.

oooh, I ate here when I went to Tassie last winter, love the place, and the hills..

I went there last year too! A gorgeous spot. You've captured it so well in your photos. :-)

Such a cute cafe! Hehe I totally understand, before blogging I may have considered ordering the same thing as someone else, but now we must all get something different - for research purposes, of course :D

that lamb shank pastry has me weak in the knees
and all so reasonably priced!

Seems like a bargain!

I hope your Mum picked the shank up by the bone and gnawed into it, hehe.

I only have my eyes on the lamb shank with pastry. Major drool! No wonder both of you wanted to order the same dish!!

Hi Agnes - I'm glad you agree!

Hi Amanda - Same! A lovely spot indeed.

Hi Cindy - Thanks darling =)

Hi Betty - Yes, it's all about the research!

Hi A Girl Called E - Me too! I was impressed with the prices too.

Hi Conor - She most certainly did!

Hi Ellie - lol, next time it will be mine!!!

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