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Photo Journal: Salamanca Markets


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The Salamanca markets run every Saturday from 9am - 3pm, just outside Hobart. It is a HUGE market that houses lots of food, crafts (mainly wood work), and a variety of fun stuff.

Lots of local produce, including fruit, beverages, gourmet sauces and freshly baked goods.

Lots of food stalls around the markets.

Lots of different crafts, and funky things to buy.

4 BBQs of sausages cooking away. I have never seen so much sausage in all my life!

The best busker I've seen in a long time. If you are ever down there, check him out; skinny white man that sounds like Louis Armstrong!
Pretty poppy flowers, and gorgeous terracotta roses.

For more information on the Salamanca markets, or stall holders, check out their website: http://www.salamanca.com.au/

My tip; go early to avoid the afternoon crowds!


those markets look fantastic - we never have anything that good here in sydney. well not in one place!
so many apples!
those books made out of number plates look very cool.

What a lovely market! We were planning a trip there instead of Bali but in the end, sun won. But I can travel to this market through you! Lovely photos babe!

The sausage bbqers should have set up next to "Hey, it's Satay Day" and called themselves "Thank God it's Fry Day".

Did you buy anything to take home? Now have a suitcase full of jams? ;)

Awesome photos! The shot with all the sausages cooking looks crazy!! I'm sure those ladies would never want to cook another sausage again!

Hope you tried those sausages! They're pretty good. mmmm. I love Salamanca. Been such a long time since I've been.

This is the first on the must visit list for tassie. thanks for the glimspes and great photos!

Hi A Girl Called E - Sooo many apples! Shame about having nothing like it in Sydney =(

Hi Penny - Sun would win for me too ;)

Hi Conor - ROFL!! You are hilarious!!
I got 3 fudges, 1 cider, 1 apple juice, 1 hat, chocolate. I think that's all!

Hi Rilsta - Yeah I know, sausage fest was a bit crazy!

Hi Esz - I didn't try the sausages =( I was still full from ricotta hotcakes at Zum! Next time!

Hi Ellie - It was why I landed the night before, just so I could be up bright and early for the markets!

Your pics make Tasmania look so heavenly! I can't wait to go next time we are back in Aus :)

Hi Clubnilirony - Lol, well it was a lovely place =)

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