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Eating Out In Tasmania: Onba


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I tried to not make my list of things to do, eat and see in Tasmania too big. I had seen Onba's menu online through my research and I liked the variety on offer. I thought my mum would like to try the duck liver pate in the tapas menu, and there seemed to be a good range of dishes to keep everyone happy, not matter what time of day we ended up being there. Lucky for me, it was our first night, we had just landed, and needed a place to eat!

 I had the smallest bottle of Sprite I've ever seen in my life! 

Mum however didn't order the duck liver pate, since she has been known to make a pretty damn good pate herself. This suited me as I'm not pate's hugest fan.

Crab meat omelette with spring onion relish and sweet soy sauce  $12.50

With a similar sauce used in peking duck, the fresh crab omelette was amazing. Very refreshing, and a full body flavour. I'd love to try and recreate this one at home.

Pan-fried roast hazelnut crusted goats cheese with lemon myrtle infused quince syrup $13.50

The hazelnuts worked so well with the incredibly creamy cheese. It was the quince sauce that really made everything work together. The sweetness really complimented the savouriness of the goat's cheese. Served with crackers, it was a great way to start dinner.

Chicken breast filled with semi-sundried tomatoes, spinach and fetta served with potato gnocchi and roasted red capsicum and tomato sauce  $26.50

My chicken dish was truly amazing. Crispy skin chicken, filled with feta, semi-sundried tomatoes and spinach, was not dry at all. The red sauce was amazing, I think it might have had a hint of mint in it, that just brought it to life. This is only the second time in my life I've had gnocchi, so I can't say if it was good or not, as I'm not really an gnocchi-connoisseur, but it was delicious. Quite evidently hand made too.

 Venison "civet" fore-quarters slow cooked in a red wine stock and served with a braised root vegetable and potato mash $26.00

The venison just melted away in your mouth. Just perfection on a plate. A rich red wine flavour dominated the dish, and worked ever so perfectly with the creamy mash potato. (Sorry about the fuzziness of the photo, still trying to learn the art of manual focus when you are photographing someone else's dish when they are in a hurry to eat it!)

Spring Bay Mussel Pot (1kg) steamed with white wine, dill & cream served with shoestring fries and garlic aioli  $26.00

Mum seemed please with her 1kg of mussels. When we were waiting for the dish, I asked her if it was with a white wine sauce or a red sauce. She said she didn't know…. she obviously stopped reading after she saw '1kg of mussels'.
Served with fresh chips and aioli, it was a very good sized meal!

We all left nice and full, with good memories to start our long weekend. The staff were super friendly, with someone always around to great new customers who entered the restaurant. Our main waitress was delightful, she did tend to wink a bit though ;)

Check out the gang at Onba for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tapas!
They also have free 30 minutes of wi-fi if you buy a drink.

301 Elizabeth Street
North Hobart
Phone: (03) 6231 5931
Web: www.onba.com.au


That place looks awesome! I Am so going there on my next trip down :-D

Love the prices too! Very reasonable for the quality you're getting. And its good to hear the chicken was nicely done as that is often a weak point in a menu.

I just love cute metal like that sign

Hi Michelle, I have given you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

Hi Esz - The prices were great for what we were getting!! Let me know what you think of it :)

Hi Fiona - hehe, it is pretty cute :)

Hi Ellie - oOoooo.. Thanks babe!

I like the look of all of these dishes!

How funny about the winking waitress :)

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