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Eating Out In Tasmania: Cascade Brewery


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One of the things everyone tells you to do when go you to Hobart, is go to the Cascade brewery. So, that's exactly what I did. I booked Dad (the non-drinker), and myself a spot on the 11am tour of the brewery. I was told on the phone, that because it was a weekend, no one would be working in the brewery, but we would still be taken inside to see how it all works.

Even though no one was working in the factory, we still got a very thorough explanation about how the beer is made, and I learnt about different kinds of hops used to produce beer.

 We were given 3 bottle caps when we paid for the tour. These were redeemed the end of the tour for 3 samples of any beers, ciders, or non-alcoholic beverages on offer.
I started with the Mercury Sweet cider. I found it to have a subtle flavour, but I still prefer Pipsqueak cider by Little Creatures. I know my friend Alana prefers Mercury to Pipsqueak, but at the end of the day, it's like wine; it's down to your own personal tastes. I like the bitterness that Pipsqueak has, but I also like beer; Alana, on the other hand, does not. (Not that there is anything wrong with that! I still love you Alana!)

I also sampled the Pale Ale, and Apple Isle. I have been drinking the non-alcoholic Apple Isle for yonks, so I know it's fizzy, sweet and just all around awesome.

Beef & Cascade Stout Pie - $23.00
Served with sauteed root vegetables.

I was expecting a pie in pastry, but this pie was just as good. Very tender beef chunks, smothered in a delicious gravy with a nice stout flavour. It worked well with the mash potato on the top of the pie, and the tomato relish.

Grill Rump Steak - $19.50
Served with potato and a medley of vegetables.
(Steaks served with mushroom or pepper sauce; or Maitre de hotel butter)

Mum and Dad both got the steak, after seeing another table munching away on their steaks. They both enjoyed the steak, but had trouble identifying one of the vegetables it was served with. When the waitress came to clear away the dish, Mum asked what it was. It was swede, a nice alternative to your standard potato.

I thought the menu at Cascade would be better. I was expecting great food like at Little Creatures Brewery, where the food matched the beer perfectly. It was a pleasant dining experience however, with a lovely atmosphere, and my free 3 samples of beers and cider.

Cascade Brewery
140 Cascade Road
South Hobart
Telephone: (03) 6224 1117
Website: www.cascadebrewery.com.au

Tours of the brewery run twice daily; 11am and 1pm. Bookings are essential.


I loved the Cascase brewery. Pity no one was working there as the whurring and clanging of machinery is something to behold!

Looks like the GFC has affected the brewery. When I was there a couple of years back, they had specific cardboard tokens for the free beers.

Didn't you get a chance to check out the gift shop?

At least the kitchen staff were working even if the brewery staff were not! I'm a fan of Cascade Green. I'd like to try their ciders, but whenever I'm faced with a choice between beer and cider I just can't not drink the beer!

Your root vegetables are funny, it's like someone put a red sock in the white wash ;)

Love butter on steak! The place seems so picturesque. Counting down till Feb when I go up there. Little Creatures is now on my list- thanks!!

Gorgeous photos! Shame the food wasnt as good as you were hoping, but looks like a pretty place to have a bite to eat anyway.

that's my dad in he background of our photo of the taps! he works there as does my little brother. Seeing your photos made me quite home sick - they're lovely!

Great photos! I've never been to the Cascade brewery, but recognise the building from the ads. And that(stuffed) Tasmanian tiger looks like my cat :)

Hi Simon - I can't resist a gift shop! I bought a Mercury cider to take home =)

Hi Conor - lol! yes, it seems the colour ran all over my root vegetables =(

Hi Adrian - Ahhh.. lucky you!!

Hi Imasugarjunkie - Thanks! It was good to have a bite still =)

Hi Emma - Ha! That's awesome! I've been waiting for the day for someone to recognize someone else in my photos.

Hi Belle - Thanks! haha, hope your cat isn't stuff though!

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