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This weekend I feel in love with Melbourne again. Walking around Sunday markets, little lane ways, finding Melbourne's little surprises. But going into the city always makes me so tired, so I was glad to come back home to suburbia again.

This cafe outside the Arts Centre serves THE BEST chai latte I've found so far.

With cinnamon sugar, if this was close to my work, I would have one every day and probably be the size of small house! Very quick service, if I'm ever down that way I must get a chai!

After other travels around the city and lunch at Federation Square we stopped off at the Southbank Sunday market for a sticky nose.

If you are looking for Danish pancakes, this is where you get them, they smelt fantastic:

The highlight of the day was picking up these cupcakes. There is a cupcake for each personality. I got the Choc-Raspberry, there was something saying "your laptop is your best friend", which is sadly true. Rob got the Chocky-Top.

These were undoubtedly THE BEST cupcakes I've ever had in my life! The cake was light but moist, and the frosting just melted in your mouth. It wasn't too buttery or overly sweet, I couldn't fault anything about them. No wonder we had to line up for a while to get these babies!


Oh if you like a decent Chai Latte, go to Superfino - 275 Flinders Lane (in between Flinders & Elizabeth) not only do they have cinnamon sugar on top, but they use proper chai herbs/spices instead of that horrible syrup that heaps of places have!

Thanks anonymous!
That it definitely on my to do list next time I'm in the city!! I'm addicted to chai lately!

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