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Eating Out: Maiko


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Saturday night Iron Chef Rob and I decided to eat out. It had been a while since we had Japanese food so I decided to take him to a nice, quite Japanese restaurant I had been taken to before.

I was put in charge of ordering the food, so I though we would grab some entrees and a sushi platter to share.

So we were settled with our Japanese green tea having a nice chat when the first of our dishes arrived:

Steamed Japanese Soybeans

I'll admit this is not something that would normally get me excited but we had these the last time I went to this place and they were very addictive. You pop the seeds out and eat them. Once you pop, you can't stop! Covered with salt, they are simple and delicious.

Next came my favorite Japanese dumplings:

Japanese style dim sim

Rob and I agreed these were quite possibly the best gyoza we had ever had. The filling was delicious and the pastry was so fresh, I could have eaten these all night.

Next we shared a platter of sushi and sashimi as Rob had never had raw fish on it's own before.

House Platter

I had to use the flash on my camera for this one, luckily we were the only people in the restaurant by this stage!
The fresh tuna just melted in your mouth, and the best part of this whole dish, nothing tasted remotely fishy. The produce was so fresh, clean and amazing, it was worth every cent we paid for it.

After these 3 dishes we were umming and ahhing about whether or not we should have another dish. We decided to share another entree:

Gyu Negimaki
Beef rolled with vegetables in teriyaki sauce

Instead of just a standard teriyaki meal, I suggested these. They were awesome! The softness of the carrot inside the beef was amazing, and the teriyaki sauce was mouth watering.

Dessert time. With a few choices of dessert we chose some traditional Japanese desserts:

Japanese rice cake

These were interesting, but in a good way. Inside there was like a jam or paste, which melts off in your mouth. Served cold, they were a subtle sweet, nothing too over powering. Very nice as a refreshment after a meal.

Maiko Special
Japanese Coconut Jelly

Delicious! Very refreshing, also not overly sweet. Very creamy and smooth textured. You can't go wrong with coconut jelly.

At the end of the meal we were brought out some complimentary fresh fruit.

Service was very attentive, always changing our plates, making sure our cups were full of tea, and food came out at steady pace. Love this place, and is on my list of favorite places.

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*drools*. Everything looks so good especially the dumplings!

Oh everything is good there! I want to go back now!!!! haha

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