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Mid-week eating out.... again!


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No mid-week cooking this week again, sorry folks, being haven't a bit of a random week with lots of things not going particularly to plan.

So I had been craving my favourite Vietnamese dish, pho. For those who aren't familiar with pho, it is a traditional Vietnamese rice-noodle soup. The key to a good pho is all in the broth. I've only tried this dish at one other place and it just wasn't the same. My whole family goes to this one place just for this dish; it's cheap and reliable.

As soon as we walk in, we are shown to a table, given a thermas of chinese tea and menus. We already know what we want, and order some springrolls and pho.

After a few minutes these piping hot springrolls come out and they are delicious, I was almost tempted to order more!

You can get pho with different kinds of meat. I stick to the sliced beef, whilst Iron Chef Rob got the sliced beef and chicken. My mum and aunties usually get the one with everything in it from blood pudding to weird jelly looking tendony things.... not really my cuppa tea I'm afraid.

We get a plate of bean sprouts, thai basil, chilli and lemon. All things you can add to enhance the flavour. I love lots of lemon in mine and tend to stear clear of bean sprouts unless my mother is around stuffing them into my bowl! I also don't take the basil and I love the flavour of the soup on it's own.

You may be thinking, "eww raw beef" but give it about a minute and the hot soup cooks the beef. It is so tender it melts in your mouth.

So by now you might be asking me what the name of this place is... well for the life of me I can't remember what is called! I was meant to right it down since I'm doing a blog entry about it but I forgot! And the yellowpages isn't being much help either!
I can tell you it is in Bayswater, Melbourne on Mountain Hwy near the shops. I will post up the details when I get them!

7/7/08 Edit:
It is called Hung Voung Saigon


mmmm. They were yum. Next we are getting smalls tho :S

Where's the fresh rolls? How can you go to a Vietnamese restaurant without ordering fresh rolls!! ;)

The Pho looks yummy though!

We usually get rice paper rolls but we felt like the fried ones that night!

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