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Eating Out: T2 Tea House


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After over hearing in my local T2 shop that there was a tea house at the Doncaster Shopping Town shop, I wanted to be there in an instant. I just love my tea. I started my T2 collection a while ago, and I'm always in there sampling the free tea. So Iron Chef Rob and I decided to drive down the new Eastlink tollway to suss out this tea house.

It was such a nice atmosphere I did not want to leave. It was a nice little nook in a shopping mall, a nice place to get away from it all. I felt like I was back in Asia, if it had been smoky and had an old Chinese man smoking a pipe in the corner, I could probably believe that I was in Asia!
Check out all those tea pots and cups on the shelves behind the counter.

Having a chai craving, we ordered the "Ultimate Chai", and my goodness, it was massive!
After polishing this off I no longer had a chai craving! It was full of flavour, froth and chai-goodness! I can't wait to come back and try all the other different teas.

After finishing our teas, the waitress brought over this funky water bottle with Turkish tea cups, a nice way to wash everything down.

Some teas came with sand hourglass like timers to make sure the tea brewed for the correct amount of time. Really looking forward to coming back to try out more tea.

There is a decent selection of food and sweets, they even offer yum cha for 1.

*UPDATE 16/4/09 : The T2 Teahouse is no longer open.


Ooooh this looks cool, we'll have to go there one day for tea and shopping, my 2 fave things! :)

We'll have to do Sunday breakfast at The Ranges in Olinda soon... Adrian and I loved it! We had pancakes with mixed berries, maple syrup and ice cream... mmmmm so good!

By the way that risotto looks gross!!!

We simply must go there! Agree though, a shop and a cuppa tea just screams us!

I'll be going to shopping town more with eastlink! ... and cos it's new and shiny :P

Haven't been to The Ranges for breakie before mmmmm....

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