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Eating Out: Doncaster Shopping Town


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Lazy Sundays. How I love a lazy Sunday. However you still have to eat, so Iron Chef Rob and I went out for brunch at Doncaster Shopping Town again.

We went to Dumpling King in the food court:

Beef wrapped in a pancake. A bit like peking duck, a little too oily.

Pan-fried pork dumplings. Very bland! Not like the ones I get in Springvale. Would definitely not get these again.

The plates in the food court are very swish. I'd love to have a set just like it.

We also went to T2 Tea House again and had ice teas:
They were rather bitter, not sweet enough. Might stick to the hot teas next time!


oooh doncaster shoppingtown! I wish it was nearer - I was pondering going a few weeks ago by public transport, except it would have taken me 3 buses and a train :S

yay for car~

Is it the same Dumpling King group as in Station St Box Hill? They have generally been good there.

PS My crumpets disappeared from Vogue - did you eat them??

Sheri: I'd wait till it's finished before you take the drive down!

Thermomixer: I'm not sure if it's the same as in Box Hill, I haven't been to that one. Might take a trip down.
I didn't eat your crumpets, although now that they have gone I wish I did! =P

Oh I spotted this place last week whilst eating Trampoline icecream in the new foodcourt (cant wait for it all to be finished!)> Will probably stick to Bob's Kitchen. Have you tried there? Will definitely try Dumpling King soon! Thanks for the blog

Maria: I can't wait for it to be finished either, so much easier for me to get there with Eastlink too!
I have been to Bob's Kitchen, but the best dumplings I have found so far are in Springvale! ..mmmm dumplings!

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