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Party For My Old Man


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Sunday, a day of rest for most people.... but for a change we had 33 people in our tiny house to help celebrate Dad's retirement / birthday.
Mum had been preparing food all week from an amazing curry, to satay, everything was home made! I was in charge of desserts so I woke up early on Saturday to bake, and bake and bake! Luckily I prepared my cheesecake and lemon slice on Friday night so I could spend some time with my best friend on Saturday. Which reminds me, if you get a chance to see a movie called "The Bank Job" you will enjoy yourself thoroughly!!

Back to the party! There were waaaaaay too many dishes for me to photograph. Let's start with an amazing entree, Singapore Pies = Pie tee.

Singapore Pies, Pie Tee

The photo doesn't do it justice. I have eaten so many of these, and I could keep eating them, they are delicious! You need a special mould to make the shell. I'm going to have to get the recipe off mum so I can make them myself one day.

A variety of salads we served:

tomato salad, garden salad, archar

After everyone had filled up on noodles, curry, satay, meat, sausages and whatever else we were serving (I'm sorry I can't remember, I'm still recovering from washing all those dishes) it was time for dessert!

chocolate madeleins, lemon madeleines & ferrero rocher

I also had made a lemon slice, but the recipe is already posted somewhere on this blog!

My dad loves antique clocks, so some clock inspired cupcakes were on the menu. I'm not that happy with how they turned out, but everyone seemed to be impressed, especially when I whipped them out my of cupcake courier!

Finally the biggest crowd favorite, the cookies and cream cheesecake. This cake is a hit every time I have served it, I have the Woman's Weekly to thank for this recipe. With a chocolate biscuit base, white chocolate through the cream cheese filling, chopped oreo biscuits, drizzled with dark chocolate, you can't go wrong!!



I love the clock cupcakes, the cases are the absolutely perfect for them too! How did you get the icing so black?

I love those cases! Very clever when you work out how to open them when there are baked goods in them! hehe

As for the icing, just royal icing with black food colouring! I was stirring and mum just kept adding colouring as we went until it was a nice black colour!

Ahhh brilliant, thanks! :)

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