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Eating Out: Copperwood


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Saturday night after catching Kung Fu Panda at Imax with some of my nearest and dearest friends, we headed down to Melbourne's famous Lygon Street for a late dinner.
For those who aren't from Melbourne, Lygon Street is our version of Little Italy. Packed up and down with Italian restaurants, cafes and gelati shops. You may find the odd Thai, Nepalese or other cuisine between the vast amount of Italian shop keepers trying to get you into their restaurant.

I had only been down to Lygon Street once before, and once I was amongst it all perving on other people's food as I walked by, I wondered why I didn't come down to Lygon Street more often!

So the 4 of us headed down to find a bite to eat. We were going to eat at the place I had once been before, but there was a 15 minute wait so we decided to go and try somewhere else. Next door was a place that Iron Chef Alana had been to many times before, Copperwood. This place had been around before her parents had children, so it must be good if it's been around over 20 years.

We were seated within minutes of walking in. The lighting was rather dim so I couldn't take any photos without setting off the flash every 5 seconds.
We sat down and decided on a wine and ordered. To be honest I found the service a little slow. Garlic bread took quite some time to bring out, and clearing of main meal plates happened in 2 phases over a course of about 10-15 minutes.
However the food was delicious! Although we did conclude that the main meal size and entree size was pretty much the same, just the rim of the plates was different.

When asked if we wanted cheese the waiter pretty much covered the whole plate with parmesan cheese. I wish I he hadn't put so much on, but my spaghetti pescatore was still delicious.

Gnocchi was home made, and all dishes looked very appetizing. The garlic bread was even spot on. However the lack of tiramisu for dessert left us going to another place for coffee and cake.

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I found this restaurant to be disappointing. This may sound like a moan so happy enough if you disregard my review.

1) friend 1 had gnocchi Toscana enjoyed his meal. He's Dutch but my Italian friend (3) assures that it was overcooked. $19.50

2) friend 2 had the chicken ceasar. Looked ok and tasted ok but my friend expected the poached egg to be warm. $19.50

3) friend 3 (Italian) - her steak had to go back because it was way overcooked and tough. Following a bit of confrontation with the head waiter, a second attempt arrived along with his apologies. This one was a lot better and friend 3 seemed happy enough. $29

4) I had the crispy lamb cutlets and mini Caesar. Crispy lamb cutlets turned out to be lamb schnitzels but with the bone as well. Did not enjoy plus - $29!!!

Hi Sumitren,

I appreciate your review. This isn't really my favorite restaurant. If I had a choice, this would not even be on the list! It's been a while since I've been and found much better restaurants! Shame most of the ones on Lygon St are pretty crap!

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