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Eating Out: Cafe Capo


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Firstly I shall apologize that there are no pictures to accompany this post as I forgot my camera!

It was my dad's birthday last night, so we thought we would try the newest restaurant in the area, Cafe Capo.
Situated in the "five star" hotel The Golden Pebble, Cafe Capo took over the failing Chinese restaurant that takes up a majority of this hotel. As a result, the dining room is massive and it would seem that the kitchen was almost the same size with half of it not being used.

The chairs and tables are fairly nice as they are still new. There were about 20 odd people in the dining room on a Tuesday night with what would seem only 4 staff working: 1 guy at the bar who probably never made a drink in his life, 1 guy taking drinks orders and fluffing around in general, 1 hard working waitress, & 1 chef.

We are seated, we wait for quite some time before our orders are taken. About 10 minutes later I can see our drinks on the bar, but because the barman has no idea what he is doing he asks a lady at the bar if those drinks are hers, she doesn't know so she picks them up and takes them over to her friends and asks them if the drinks are theirs. After some time she puts them back on the bar and says they are not hers. About 5 minutes after that those very same drinks are brought to our table.

Garlic bread comes out along with 2 pizzas we have ordered. The pizzas are not too bad, about the standard you would get at a family restaurant. My mother's risotto comes out shortly after. There is enough in her bowl to feed a small village, and it has the texture of porridge. Risotto is meant to have a little bit of crunch, but the chef had cooked the grains to death.

The waitress has to physically go into the kitchen to collect the dishes as there is not hot plate on the counter. With the vast distance she has to walk, it's not wonder she looks overworked.

The whole fiasco with the drinks left a sour taste in my mouth and I will not be returning.
They have been open long enough for all these problems to have been sorted out, I do not think they will last long in this location either.

If you want to try it for yourself:

Cafe Capo
500 Boronia Road
Wantirna VIC 3152
Phone: (03) 9887 3753


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