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Yet another week has gone by in the rollercoaster ride of life. No matter what happens, life just keeps going on weather we like it or not. Sometimes it would be nice to pause time for a bit and just be who we want to be for a moment with no one on our back.

Wow that's sounding a bit depressing isn't it. I just got a call from a very close friend. Her nanna got off the rollercoaster of life last night and is resting peacefully in heaven. It makes me think of when I lost my grandparents, and how much of an influence on my life they were. My grandfather was an amazing chef, he made bread, prociuotto and had a love of cask wine! If he were alive today I'd love to be able to have a wine with him and practice my French.

I've started to learn French by podcast. I started it awhile ago but didn't get past lesson one, now I'm a bit more dedicated. Hopefully the next time I go to France or Switzerland to visit my relatives I might be able to understand what they are talking about!

"Bonjour! Je m'appelle Iron Chef Shellie"

On a lighter night, I didn't do any mid-week cooking this week, instead I went and joined the geeks and watched Batman at IMAX. In a word.... "wow". Especially as they filmed some scenes just for IMAX, we were all totally blown away!

And you can buy them here in 5 different colours: www.thecupcakecourier.com.au

This weekend will involve some baking, cooking and a bit of shopping at the Melbourne Design Market. Hope you all have a good weekend!


Quite like the new layout. Feels a lot more roomy! Now, where is the toilet...
*wanders off*

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