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Eating Out: Brown Sugar Cafe


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So I reviewed Brown Sugar a couple of months ago, and loved it so much, I couldn't wait to return to try the other delicious items on the menu.

Set in one of Melbourne's many secret lane ways, Brown Sugar is one of the many cosy cafes you can choose from to feed your belly.
Cafe Latte $3.50 & Mocha $3.40

I had woken up that morning craving coffee. I never, EVER crave coffee. Luckily, the coffee here was good, and satisfied my cravings. And of course the sugar at Brown Sugar Cafe, is brown!

Eggs Benedict $14.50

If you look really really closely, you will see a little bit of Turkish bread under all that ham, egg and hollandaisy saucy goodness. The only problem with this dish is that there should have been more bread for a more substantial meal! ... that was the only problem with this dish.

Bircher Muesli $9.50

I have been wanting to try bircher muesli for quite some time. Ever since seeing a recipe for it in one of Donna Hay's books; the idea of soaking oats in apple juice over night sounded rather delicious to me. I love anything apple related.
If you look closely, you will see a sun-dried tomato in the middle of the dish, that some how loaded in my muesli. I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure sun-dried tomatoes don't belong in muesli.
HOWEVER, forgetting that, it was completely awesome. So delicious, and a good serving size for the price. The fruits on top were gorgeously sweet, and really made everything come together.

Brown Sugar Cafe is definitely one of my favorite hidden gems of Melbourne. So cosy, so reliable, SOooooooo many things on the menu I still want to try. The staff are always friendly, and more than willing to help with any requests.

Brown Sugar Cafe on Urbanspoon

Some of the cute characters I found in windows whilst wondering around the city!


Oohh I love their font :) and those eggs benedict look seductively tasty mmmm

Love the outdoor shots (isn't natural light brilliant?). Eeek sun dried tomato in muesli!? That definitely doesn't belong.

haha at the tomato in your muesli!

I love Bircher muesli but suss about the tomoato!

Can't stop laughing about the tomato!!!!!! It so doesn't belong in the museli!

Eww, sun-dried tomato in muesli? You should have asked them about it! Did you eat the tomato?

I just checked out your previous review of Brown Sugar, and it was the first post I ever commented on your blog! I'm disappointed you didn't have any elf shoe pies this time ;)

That tomato is pretty random. Did you raise it with your waiter? I'm eating my breakfast porridge right now and am definitely not thinking "hmmm, needs more tomato"..

Hi FFichiban - I love their font too! My dining partner said they eggs benedict was deeeeelicious!

Hi Lorraine - I love the outdoor shots too. Natural light is the best for photographing in! I'm pretty sure it was an accident, but still, should not belong!!

Hi Clubnilirony - lol, thanks babe :P

Hi Fiona - I love it now too, minus the tomato :P

Hi Kyla - LOL, it sure does not belong at all!

Hi Rilsta - Yeah I shoulda, but I really wasn't fussed. I did eat the tomato, mainly cos I didn't notice until I was half way through and went "is that a tomato?" lol

Hi Conor - awww, how gorgeous are you, remembering such a thing! We were given the breakfast menu, and elf shoe pies were not on the menu... alas; another time!
I didn't really notice until I started eating and went "is that a tomato"... ate it "yup.. it's a tomato" :P I wouldn't recommend eating your porridge with tomato either ;)

Love all the secret laneways cafes in Melbourne. Wish we have some here in Sydney. :(

Ok, another one for the 'Melbourne list'! This cafe looks like a real find. Thanks for sharing it.

I have been to the cupcake store in that alleyway as well! Awesome stuff =) Yum*

Hi Ellie - Oh I know! That's why I love Melbourne. I wish we had Zumbo here though =(

Hi Belle - Yes! Melbourne is full of hidden gems, waiting to be found =)

Hi Mizzsharon - OoOooO what is it called?? I will check it out =)

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