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So I went out to the Yarra Valley region again, to check out some of the local markets. I will be blogging about them at a later date; but I thought I'd just blog about some amazing fudge first.

I was busy snapping away at the Healesville market. I arrived at a good looking stall that specialised in fudge. I of course took a few photos, tried a few samples. The lovely lady running the stall, Bella, asked me if I was doing a project; due to my taking lots of photos. I explained I have a food blog, and we got to talking. She kindly offered me a free bar of any flavour fudge I wanted, since I was going to do a write up, and share the fudgy goodness with my closest interweb friends; you guys!

Not only is it packaged really cute, you can't miss the stall with it's massive "Fudge" sign. And I highly recommend you go out of your way to find the fudge stall, and by yourself some fudge for the car ride home.
With many flavours on offer, it's a hard choice to decide which one, or two... or three you will want to take home. Cookies and cream was a close contender, but I settled on the chocolate and macadamia.

The taste test:
It was delicious! The fudge just melts away in your mouth. It even melted a little in my hands too, it was that soft. The large chunks of macadamia were fantastic. A nice crunchy texture to work with the smooth texture of the fudge.

I can't wait to go back and buy a few bars. The cute packaging makes them great for ready wrapped gifts too. Go pay a visit to Bella, and tell her I sent you ;)

Healesville Racecourse Harvest & Craft Market
Next Market 1st November 2009.
For other market dates and information: http://www.craftmarkets.com.au/healesville.asp


The fudge looks damn good! I want some and I will look for Bella. Don't mind heading to Healsville Racecourse if Mister is avail.

Oh that looks so fudging smooth.

If only the sign was also made out of fudge...

I have never been a fan of fudge bars.. but maybe I have never had a good one. I find the ones I've had more sugary then chocolately or fudgey. Maybe I should try these ones!

a sign made of fudge would be amazing. aghhhh!
we were talking about fudge yesterday at work and i was the only one who said they could quite happily eat a whole bar of fudge in one sitting.
hmm is that a good thing? not sure.
i think choc macadamia was a good choice, although cookies sounds great too!
next time gadget...

Hi Penny - Yes! Head on down, so much food to try!

Hi Simon - mmmmm.... if the sign was made out of fudge, I doubt it would still be sitting there!

Hi Rilsta - I have never been much of a fudge person either, but this was quite nice!

Hi A Girl Called E - I have a place next door to work that makes fudge, and I know the moment I try it, I'm going to be hooked. So I will wait a while, for the sake of my waist line :P

Oh man I would definitely go for anything macadamia!

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