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When I was contacted by Linsday to see if I wanted to try POM juice I snapped up the opportunity as I had heard people talking about it, and I had seen it in the supermarket in it's sexy, curvaceous bottle.
POM can be used in cocktails, mocktails, and cooking. I didn't know this when I took the photo, but a whole range of recipes can be found on their website. Considering I don't have lots of ingredients listed in the recipes, I will be just reviewing it as a drink.
The day the shipment of POM Wonderful arrived, I got home from work, then scooted off to the gym before dinner. Mum wanted to drink it with dinner, but I wasn't letting her have her way. I hadn't had a chance to photograph it, yet have a look at any of the reading material that came with it! So she had to wait until the next night to try it.

So we sat around, each with a glass of POM in hand, and for some reason, when I get things to try out, my parents turn into the harshest of food critics. There were a few Matt Preston facial expressions going on, and with the way they were going about it, it was like we were trying a 1967 Penfold's Shiraz or something (I don't know if Penfold's made a shiraz back in 1967, it was just an example, so don't write in telling me I've got my facts wrong!)

From multiple tastings, over multiple nights, our conclusions are as follows;
  • On it's own, some of us found that it had a slight drying effect on the mouth. I have had this with other drinks I have tried in the past.
  • The drying effect can be solved by adding lemonade for a nice fizzy concoction
  • Some of us felt fizz was mandatory when consuming POM
  • The rest of us really like it on it's own
  • Dad asked me if the bottle was meant to look like pomegranates; a couple of days later, I jokingly concluded it was meant to look like a prostate since it is good for your heart and your prostate... for those of us that have a prostate! I found it hard throwing the bottle in the bin though, it was such a nice looking bottle.
  • We didn't really feel like it had a pomegranate flavour to it, but it was a nice refreshing drink with the added fizz of lemonade or lemon squash. Health benefits are always a bonus
  • I would really like to try the other flavours, like the pomegranate blueberry, pomegranate mango, and pomegranate cherry.

The POM army, waiting to attack..

Some facts about POM Wonderful:
  • It contains more antioxidants than red wine, grape juice, acai juice and even green tea.
  • In every 475ml bottle, there is no added sugar or artificial ingredients, just juice from five pomegranate varieties 
  • Primary research areas for health benefits have included the prostate and the cardiovascular system
POM Wonderful is available at most Woolworths stores, in the produce section; should you wish to try it yourself. For more information on the health benefits, recipes and other varities; check out: pomwonderful.com.au

Thanks again Lindsay for sending me out some samples to try!

Hope you all have a POM-tastic day!


What a wonderful review Shellie. Sounds like drinkers may be divided when it comes to how they take their POM.
The packaging really is beautiful as your photography highlights. I'll be sure to consider adding a little POM to my next cock-tail party.

I've been seeing this stuff everywhere - and have heard it is really great to use in cooking. That said my only experience with pomegranate is the pomegranate vodka I have!

I was going to try it with vodka, whenever I get around to it!

Great review, but now I'm going to think of prostates whenever I see the bottle. At least I'll be thinking of healthy prostates :D

LOL. I got my batch as well. I'm still 50/50 on it. It reminds me of cranberry juice but not as tasty. IT does have the same drying effect though.

I'll try and make something out of it, but I know what you mean. With POM, you can only really make a drink concoction. hehe.

Hi Chris - Thanks Chris! Do add some to your mixers, I'm sure it will be a hit!

Hi Imasugarjunkie - Ah, I will have to cook with it then. ooo pomegranate vodka.. yumm!

Hi Fiona - I think I will next time too :P

Hi Conor - HAHA!! I'm glad I've infected your mind to think that :P

Hi Adrian - CRANBERRY JUICE!! yes, that's what I was trying to think of! THANK YOU!

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