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So, I mentioned in my fudge post I was going to be exploring the new eateries around my new office. I walk past Nest every day on my way back to my car. It looked so cute, and I always checked out menu whilst walking past, planning on what I'd like to try.

So I headed down at about 2:45pm, when I took my 30 minute break from the stresses of the office, with plans of a brown rice salad. Sure, 2:45pm is a little late for lunch, but I was hopeful. I had to wait whilst the waitress socialized with another customer....wasting precious lunch break minutes. When I finally requested my salad of choice, she had a look in the fridge and said there was none left. I requested if there was any of the tuna, avocado and beetroot salad left. She didn't seem too enthusiastic, but offered to make me one. I accepted her offer, paid and took a seat outside.

Tuna, avocado & beetroot salad - $9.00

It wasn't until about 20 minutes later till I received my salad. Was I impressed? Hardly! Considering I was the only customer at this time.
$9 for a small bowl of canned tuna, some lettuce, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and a lemon wedge.... that took at least 20 minutes to prepare. It wasn't even really that tasty.

Well, it's fair to say, I won't be returning. Not for that price, for that service, for that portion size. I know where I want to dine out next though!

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I hate it when you get service like that....you'd think that with the amount of competition out there business's would be a little more courteous.
Hope you find somewhere better next time!

dang. How disappointing. I know this joint. 1 minute away is one of fab breakfast haunts: Eden Espresso on glenferrie.

Also Fleischer Continental Cakes...mmmm....they do a mean Plum Butter Cake. Most times it comes out freshly baked.

oh... it's disappointed to hear that it wasn't a good visit. Well, at least you tried :)

How disappointing! I have always looked at Nest when I drove past and thought "love to check out that one with my davey-boo!!" Well now I won't have to - so don't think you sacrificed your lunch break without good cause!
Love ya xxx

What a disappointing experience! Don't they understand about lunch hours? They're so precious!

Hi Dee- Yes!! ESPECIALLY in that area!... idiots :P

Hi Adrian - I always look at Eden Espresso; looks so cute. Been to Fleischers too... gonna get very fat working in Malvern!

Hi Ellie - At least I tried indeed =)

Hi CC - Oh I'm glad my crap lunch has been worth while then! Would love to try a few places along there with you both.xx

Hi Lorraine - So true! Only a few minutes of no stress, yet I was stressing about not getting my overpriced salad in time!

nest is a regular cafe of mine. Don't try one thing, 15 minutes before close time, and then vow never to return. Try the chicken sandwich next time - at a decent lunch hour - and she'll have it ready for you straight away. or call ahead, she does a lot of orders every day and it will be waiting for you when you get there.
Talk about a harsh critic...

Hi Anonymous - I didn't know when closing time was. And even if it was there 2 minutes before closing time, she could have politely said "we are about to close", but instead I was given dirty looks and given attitude. And the price for how much you receive is not relevant. I find it overpriced; and for that reason, I won't be returning.

If you want to give me flack, why not leave your name, instead of being anonymous.

I posted as anonymous because I don't have the required account. I just think it's insane to publicly dismiss a place to the point of turning away customers because you received a bad meal. I thought you should think of the circumstances in which you received your meal, it was nice enough of her to make something up for you.

Ok, that's fine. But if I feel like I'm over paying for a few lettuce leaves and half a tin of tuna, then I have every right to say I'm not going back.. it's not value for money.
If you like it, that's fine. But I am basing my review on the experience I had. I am stating I wouldn't go back based on that experience alone. Readers can make up their own mind based on my review as to whether they wish to go there or not.
I do give places a second chance if I believe they are worth it. But the food alone is not enough to get me back.

In summary, if the service was fantastic, Nest would still have gotten a crap review since I feel the meal I received was woeful for the price I paid.

Anonymous, I would like to point you to the Urbanspoon review page that shows that at least half of the people that have commented on that restaurant have not enjoyed their experience; regardless of the sample size.

If someone has a negative experience they are more than able to express that without being pressed to try until the experience becomes positive.

If Nest wanted a positive review, they should have lived up to a reasonable expectation on the first try; not the second, third or any thereafter.

I respect that you may have positive experiences, but don't believe you need to justify the restaurant in this context. Let it speak for itself.

(and as a side note, you don't need an account to post with an alias; just choose the name/url option and type an alias)

yeah the salads at nest certainly are not the best order, but the sandys are a level above the rest! Let's just say that i eat there at least 3-5 times a week...
and i am a different anonymous

Sad to hear you had a bad experience, their sandwiches are amazing. And the waitress is extremely friendly, maybe you just caught her on a bad day (we all do have bad days, right?).

Maybe you should try again and go on a recommendation...I agree that the chicken sandwich is incredible, as are pretty much all the other sandwiches.

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