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Eating Out: Pizza Espresso


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So Rilsta from My Food Trail, and I organised a little Melbourne blogger meet up with some of our fellow bloggers over the weekend. We invited Sarah, Penny & Adrian from the Salami Summit, and we rounded up a few other bloggers; Kat and Nicole.

Rilsta found this place on the Epicure section of The Age website. Matt Preston gave it a good review; but it was his mention of a sticky date pizza that got us really wanting to go there.

After much debate of whether we should get a few pizzas to share, or just get our own thing; we ended up just getting our own thing, and sharing with whoever wanted a taste.
I was down the end of the table that didn't order any pastas, so my review will consist soley of pizzas!

Top pizza: Salsiccia E Funghi - Medium $16.50
Bottom pizzas: Del Cornuto & Melazane E Basilico

The pizzas were okay. They definitely weren't as good as Zonzo. I found they lacked a little flavour. I really expecting more from them.

Calzone Classico

I got a calzone, as none of the pizzas on the menu really excited me; and I thought it would make for an interesting set of photos instead of just pizzas. It was also just okay.

We of course stayed for dessert:

Pacco Pizzetta - $9.50
White Chocolate & Caramel

Kat had this for dessert, whilst pretty much everyone else on the table ordered the sticky date pizza. Mr.My Food Trail also branched out, and got the tiramisu.

Sticky Date Pizza - $9.50

Well, to be honest... I was expecting some form of date involved with a sticky date pizza. Instead, it was just a pizza base, LOTS of butterscotch sauce (never a problem in my opinion) and ice-cream.

As for returning to Pizza Espresso, I don't think I will be. I know Adrian left a bit hungry and was contemplating trying the Angus burger on his way home. It was all just a bit too average for me.
Thanks to the bloggers for a good night out though, and a special thanks to Rilsta & Mr.My Food Trail for letting me be a 3rd wheel to see Julie & Julia with them!

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Gosh! you are quick! We need a round table next time and so we can have a conversation with everyone. :)

Hehe, you are quick in posting! I haven't even transferred the photos to my computer!

I agree that the pizzas weren't that great, but I liked the sticky date pizza!

Your photos turned out bloody fantastic for such a dark room!

P.S. The link to me at the start is actually for Sarah's site! :)

Sticky date anything can't be too bad, but you can't skimp on the date! It's not called "sticky pudding"! ;)

There are too many mediocre pizzas around, but at least it makes the good ones more enjoyable.

im drooling over that pacco pizzetta dessert. yummm!!
shame it was all a bit disappointing :(

This is why a SLR does wonders in a darkened room. :)

I'm still very iffy about the place but i'll describe why in my post. I thought it wasn't nice to share what I discovered about the place. *shivers*

haha..yes, I did leave hungry indeed. But guess what?! It wasn't the angus burger that was had- it was another DON Peperoni Pizza at home!
Crazy huh!?

Nice stuff, I gotta send out the group pic. What did you think of Julia & Julia?

Hi Shellie, I really like reading your blogs. Interesting that you compared these pizzas with Zonzo's! I wasn't impressed with Zonzo at all, apart from the spectacular view and the actual winery Train Trak there! Had a distinct feeling they were out to rip us off. I wouldn't go back to Zonzo. I've been recommended to another restaurant in a winery called Riverstone. We're going there next, so I thought I'd mention it to you.

the 'caramel' bit in my sweet calzone was actually dulce de leche rather than caramel but im not complaining! it was good.

i liked the pizza base though but the rest was yeah a bit questionable.

i have never in all honesty been to a restaurant where i enjoyed desserts more than the mains. this was the first for me.

cruxiefaye - cockroaches?

rilsta - hey my photos are okay too without an SLR :P although i only took two and wont post about it.

Hi Penny - I am rather quick aren't I :P
Round table for sure.

Hi Rilsta - I thought surely you'd be the first to post since you did your salami one so quickly!
I'm REALLY impressed at the photos, especially the calzone!
sorry about the link problem, all fixed now =) I was slightly brain dead when blogging.

Hi Conor - Yes, I know, I had to get around the fact it wasn't a pudding :P So true though, everyone thinks they can make pizza in this day and age.

Hi A Girl Called E - Yeah, it was a shame, but alas, we know not to return!

Hi Cruxiefaye - I am sooo hanging out for the gossip you have.

Hi Adrian - You STILL have salami? man, I finished mine ages ago!
I LOVED Julie & Julia =)

Hi Anonymous - Oh really? I really enjoyed Zonzo. Perhaps cos I went on the weekend and we went for the set price menu with bottomless pizzas. But they did seem reluctant to bring us more after a while! Thanks for telling me about Riverstone. Let me know how it goes and I will try to get out there one day myself!

Hi Spatula Spoon Saturday - Yes, I doubt any of us will be going back!

Awww what a shame about the sticky date pizza! I think you or I could d a good job on that don't you think? :)

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