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The Marysville Patisserie: THE BEST FUDGE EVER!!


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I recently started a new job in the busy Melbourne suburb of Malvern. I have been pondering if I will do a "Fabulous Fat Food Friday" segment and blog all about it, whilst I explore all the new eateries at my door step. However,  I really don't know that I want to eat out every Friday. But be sure, I will let you know if I did happen to eat out, and what I consumed!

So the reason for fudge on this Friday was that it was one of my colleague's last day, and she had always wanted to try the fudge from The Marysville Patisserie, a few doors up from our office. We walk past it every day, and there is always a flag waving 'Fresh Fudge', and a sign; 'Fresh Fudge Ahead'. They even advertise that have adult fudge.
So since it was her last day, we all indulged in some fudgy fun.

We got 4 flavours: mint, orange, double chocolate, and Baileys.

I have never really been into fudge before. It wasn't until I received free fudge on my recent trip to the Yarra Valley that I discovered what fudge was all about.
The fudge from The Marysville Patisserie will just blow your socks off! It was UNBELIEVABLY creamy, and packed full of flavour. It is, hands down; the best fudge I've ever had in my life.
My favorites were the choc-orange and the choc-mint. The worst part (for my waistline), is there are even more flavours to try!! With it being so close to work, it will be hard to avoid.

If you are wondering why it's called 'The Marysville Patisserie' and is no where near Marysville; it's because (as I have been told), their patisserie burnt down in Marysville, and they set up shop in Malvern, with no plans to go back.

The Marysville Patisserie
Glenferrie Road
Malvern VIC

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I never understood the whole fudge thing until I had some in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It was amazing!! There are heaps of fudge places around that whole region where you watch see them (usually older men) making it, and it's quite a spectacle. Also terrifying to see what it is made of. Anyway, my turning point came from eating some choc-mint fudge from one particular place there, so I can understand your fear of working so close to a fudgetastic patisserie.

What was in the "adult" section? I love the look of the fudge, mmm, so jealous! I also love a choc mint fudge.

I was wondering about the name! Interesting! I do love fudge.

When we went to NZ a few years ago we bought some at the start of our trip in Christchurch and so had fudge with us for the whole holiday. :-D

Hi Conor - I never really understood it until I had this batch of fudge. I DO NOT want to know how it is made for now.. although it might help me stop wanting to eat it.

Hi Clubnilirony -The "adult" section is the ones with grog in it, like the Baileys one :P I love choc mint fudge now too!

Hi Esz - A fudgy holiday sounds like a good kinda holiday.

I vote yes for a "Fabulous Fat Food Friday" segment. Do it for us! ;)

The fudge sounds fantastic. I still remember the best fudge I've EVER had - it was made by a classmate's mother when I was in primary school! Nothing else has ever come close but maybe this one will. I'll have to seek it out sometime!

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