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I wasn't planning on doing a post tonight. I sat down to catch up on Ross Noble's Australian Trip, and found myself editing and compiling images. Now I'm chilling out, listening to music; so I might as well tell you all about the Healesville markets!

With plenty of cuisines on offer; you are bound to find something for everyone at the Healesville Markets. They even had souvlakis amongst the satay, pizza and other vendors.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lemonade from the lemonade stand. It set me back a whole $2, and it was so tangy and delicious.
Some guy was even baking bread at the market!!
And the stand Curry Creations, features in the The Age's, Foodies Guide to Melbourne. We didn't sample anything, but I was tempted to buy their butter chicken sauce... Alas, next time!

To wash down my lemonade, I stupidly got a lemon tart. The sign said "Best Ever Lemon Tarts"... how could I walk away? It was pretty damn good, I wanted it to be more tangy though.. but perhaps my taste buds were tainted from the hit of lemonade. On my next trip, I will be trying his other goodies.

mmmm.... they look so good!

I love the colours in this photo. I'm a fan of these guys. I have a few drink mixers on my shelf at home. And I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I came home with a sticky date pudding & sticky butter scotch sauce for $10. My god it was good!! Will be getting more when I see their stall next.

I would have loved to have gotten a fresh cup of Twinnings Earl Grey tea, with a freshly made scone, but I was saving my stomach for lunch at White Rabbit. This is another next time thing! ... as well as those homemade Italian donuts.

Chirping Bird Moscato wine was rather nice. The guy running the stall was rather excited I was taking photos, and was going to make his wine famous.
Uncle John's chocolate coated licorice is so insanely soft and fresh. It's even won a gold medal at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards last year.

Some of the random things you will find at the markets. Mind you, the puppets were rather cute!

If you are taking little tackers along; there is a petting zoo! I wanted to get in and play with the bunnies, but I resisted. How cute are they though?

With SO much on offer, I would have to say I'm a fan of the Healesville markets... and not just cos I got free fudge! We went on a horrible, rainy day; and it was still busy and happening. Can't wait to return!

For more information on the Healesville Markets: http://www.craftmarkets.com.au/healesville.asp

I promise a cooking post soon! Stay tuned.


Not only do we need separate dessert stomachs, but we need magic-car-that-fits-lots-of-clowns-in-it-esque extra large stomachs for markets!

Gotta love the 'BBQ Sausage in a Roll' lady's matching tablecloth and apron combo ;)

Hi Conor,
So true!! And I didn't even photograph all the food on offer!

Ah, yes, tablecloth and apron combo is such a good look :P

Hey- nice seeing you again last night. Brownie points for your resistance on many of those stalls. I would've been broke by the end of it!!

You got the Sticky date pudding & sticky butter scotch sauce?! Why does this not suprise me.... LOL

One of my most favourite things about living in Australia is the never ending access to markets like these! I am such a sucker for little town markets, fresh produce markets, arts and crafts markets - everything!

You are the market queen! :) It's nice to drive out to all these places to see what's on offer.

Fab photos as usual!

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