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Ok, ok; I admit, it's not technically food, but still... it's something from my own private collection for once!
My aunty, uncle and cousins recently went to Malaysia, and brought me back some food related presents! How cute is the little hamburger magnet? The scary part about Mr. Hamburger is, he smells like a sweet bun you'd most likely find at Breadtop, or a similar Asian bakery.
They also brought me back a "face bun" in the shape of a Swiss roll. It scarily also smells delicious!!


How cute!!!

Mr Hamburger is just too cute! So innocently happy, unaware of his potential fate (though admittedly, this particular hamburger is more likely to suffer holding a Telstra bill than end up in a belly).

that is sooo cute!! i got a cute little pink macaron magnet from japan but it didn't have a little face

Smells like a bun? You should take a bite of it to see if it tastes like a bun! lol

Hi Ellie - Oh! I know!!

Hi Penny - It sure is =)

Hi Conor - Mr. Hamburger IS mega cute :) bahaha... Telstra bill :P Nice one!

Hi A Girl Called E - Oh a macaron magnet would be cute. You can always put a face on it? hehe

Hi Maria - Smells like a bun.. but there is no way I'm taking a bite outta it!! :P

Oh...I'm Malaysian. I have a collection of artificial food like this. Donuts...spaghetti in bowl...popcorn and a few more...they are accessories. Hahaha...yes! They smell like real food. I have a donut with chocolate topping. The topping smells real chocolaty!! Kindly visit me at http://thebeautyofsplendid.blogspot.com/

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