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Eating Out: The Cupcake Bakery, Melbourne Central


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After brunch at Brown Sugar cafe, and some adventures around the city; which included me buying a new lens for my camera, to take better blog photos... there was a need for afternoon tea. Sure we could have just gone to the Lindt Cafe again, but I didn't really want to blog yet ANOTHER Lindt experience.
We stumbled upon The Cupcake Bakery at Melbourne Central, and nearly seized up with excitment at how pretty the shop looked!

The shop is rather small, so don't expect to be able to sit down and have a coffee, unless you can get one of the seats in the corner of the shop. You can however get a coffee and a cupcake for $5!

With a nice selection of cakes on offer, it was a hard decision which ones to get. So we got a few to take home and try. Looking at the different ones on their website, I may just have to go back and try a few more.

Since I have a new lens, I took lots of photos. So folks; I give you: The cupcake line up.

Custard Tumble
Vanilla almond buttercake with vanilla custard filling, custard filled choux pastry topped with caramel and chocolate sauce.

I decided on the caramel tumble because:
a) There was only 3 left, so I thought that was a good sign
b) It looked totally different to any other cupcake in the shop
c) Why the hell not? I don't have to justify myself!!

It was quite nice too! More vanilla-y than caramel-y, but not dry at all. The choux pastry was nicely made, and not soggy. Will have to have a try at making these myself one day, since Not Quite Nigella did such a good job at it already!

Red Velvet
Red coloured chocolate cake with cream cheese buttercream and red sugar heart.

Having made red velvet cupakes myself many times, I will admit; I did not think these red velvet cupcakes were all that good. I find mine to be lighter, moister, have more of a chocolate cake flavour, and a much nicer cream cheese icing!
However, it was still a nice cupcake, but I could barely taste the chocolate OR the cream cheese; no matter how much I tried to taste both.

Choc Peppermint
Chocolate cake with aqua peppermint buttercream and chocolate shavings.

Without a doubt, the best cupcake of the selection. So chocolatey, so minty, so damn good! The mint makes it a very refreshing cupcake, and the icing wasn't too thick. As Goldilocks once said, "It's just right!".

To check out the full range, check out The Cupcake Bakery website.
I want to try; hummingbird, lemon meringue, and lemon poppyseed.

(If you can read this, and you noticed I stuffed up my measurement increments; then kudos to you! I only noticed a few hours after posting, and not saving the file I did it in. Thus, I'm not correcting it!)

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Your photos of the cupcakes look great especially the custard tumble one. :D

I always walk past the central one, should go in and try one day

Your photo editing is so cool! Can I subcontract you to work on my blog? ;)

I like the look of the custard tumble one, because it's two desserts in one and I'm a pig.

Hi There - great post. I went to this bakery when in Melbourne and tried the red velvet and choc peppermint cupcakes and agree with your review. I'm still yet to taste a truly fabulous Red Velvet Cupcake...

Oooh, thanks for the review! I visited here a few weeks ago and nearly died of excitement even though I thought most of the cakes were so so. The presentation was stunning but the cakes left me underwhelmed. Your photos are gorgeous by the way, very very masterful.

Hehe I love the way that you've done it-the closeups and dissecting. Just the way we'd like to investigate it ourselves! :)

Loved the review - I had a few of their cupcakes not long ago but didn't find them that great. Maybe it would be worth another visit? The custard tumble looks so yum!

Loving the new lens sweetie! The photos are too yummy!

Nice pics yo. Yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of the cupcakes. I actually started to cough due to the dryness LOL

Tell me what you think of the hummingbird when you get to try it out.

Hi Juniiz - Thanks =) Get the choc mint!!

Hi Conor - Thanks darling! I would happily edit photos for you... but considering I barely have enough time to edit mine half the time it would be a challenge :P 2 desserts in one is never a problem!

Hi Kyla - You should try making red velvet! So easy =)

Hi Cherry Blossom Cupcakes - Yeah I feel a bit the same sitting here and reflecting. They were fun to photograph though =)

Hi Lorraine - Thanks =) I went a bit overboard, but I had fun :P I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Sarah - Yeah, they aren't THAT great, but they aren't too bad. I'd still go back for the choc mint.

Hi Penny - Loving the new lens too! Thanks honey!

Hi Adrian - Thanks! They aren't THE BEST cupcakes, but they surely aren't the worst. Need to go to Little Cupcakes, since you reviewed them well.

your photos make it all look AMAZING!
I want a custard tumble!
and i love your cupcake height chart :)

Hi, A Girl Called E - *blush* Thank you very much!

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