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I had a bit of a reunion with a few high school friends not quite that long ago. We were meant to meet at Docklands, but since it was the day after the AFL grand final, and there was a family fun day going on down at Etihad Stadium, we thought we might have some problems with parking. Also, the weather was tres shite, so we needed to relocate at the last moment.

I suggested we meet infront of Cafe Greco at Crown Casino, and take it from there. We ended up having the catch up in Cafe Greco, and of course; I had my camera there to capture all the action.

We were given a few menus; some saying "cafe latte" and others saying "cafe late" & "hot chocolate in".
Adrian ordered the hot chocolate in, without flinching, and the waiter just wrote it down. I pissed myself laughing as I was wondering what a hot chocolate in was all about.

I ordered a hazelnut meringue off the menu. I was later told this was not available.
So I had another look over the menu and chose something else... which was also not available! I was then given the menu and a list of cakes that were not available. I settled on a small almond biscuit that I've had, and really enjoyed at Nikos. The Cafe Greco version was some what of a let down. The biscuit is meant to melt in your mouth, where as this did nothing for me.

Lemon meringue pie was ordered by David. Whilst he felt rather fat after eating it, he said it was fairly average. I thought the presentation could have been better.

Elly & Mette ordered rocky road cake, each. I had a taste and found it rather bland for a cake. The marshmallows were a nice touch. I liked the fact that it was served warm though.

Every time I walk past, I see people lining up to get in. Especially on a Saturday night. Maybe it's the food other than the sweets people come to Greco for. But as a destination for coffee and cake, I wouln't really bother.

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This reminds of uni days. Always hanging out after movie or waiting for friends while they try their luck. Never been back for ages and it seems that I don't have to.

Like Penny, I remember coming here during my Uni days, though I have not been for ages. I always went for the cakes, rather than the savoury stuff.

None of the cakes look very appetising!

I'm glad my sister and I walked right past it when we were in your fair city (and ended up down at Bear Brass where we had an excellent meal).

You put your hot chocolate in, you put your hot chocolate out, you put your hot chocolate in, and you shake it all about..

Cafe Greco is VERY "meh". Went there once and was stung $9 for a bottle of water. Pfft. And they use that nasty fake buttercream in everything and the cakes are too dry and MEH. Not a fan at all.

I actually ate here YEARS ago and while there was one really yummy pizza (a lamb souvlaki one) the rest of it was a bit average. The cakes look like a big sugar rush but they are never as good as they look!

Oh what a shame! The lemon meringue pie looks rather sorry. I thought it was a slice after your friend had eaten some! :o

The Toblerone Cheesecake is pretty good. A really nice and dense base.

Hi Penny - Oh no! Stay well away :P

Hi Rilsta - I always went to Automatic a few doors down during my uni days, never here! :P

Hi Conor - HAHA!! I love your hot chocolate in song!

Hi Esz - "meh" sums it up very well. $9 for water?? jeepers!! Luckily I didn't have a cake to experience the fake buttercream *eck*

Hi Sarah - So true, they are never, ever as good as they look.

Hi Lorraine - Ha! Yes, a very sorry piece of cake indeed.

Hi Adrian - Toblerone cheesecake does sound yum, but I won't be going back to try it. Greco is a big fat disappointment for me.

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one day, try the greek desserts, like galacktoburiko and baklava ... :)

though, you'd still get better stuff in Oakleigh... yum yum. :)

The cheesecakes were rather good especially the Berry.

I used to work there a few years ago so i got to try most of them. You should feel lucky that you weren't made to wait up to an hour for your coffee and cake. :-) And it used to be $8 for a bottle of water - you should have tried giving people the bill for 8 hours every night...

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