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Eating Out: The Coffee Club, Harbour Town


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I have a massive back log of posts, so I will be trying to pump them out as much as I can, whilst doing more cooking and eating out.

On a recent trip to Costco, I stopped for brunch at The Coffee Club, in the Harbour Town shopping centre. I haven't been to a Coffee Club for about 5 years now I reckon, but I didn't think much would have changed. But I left feeling a little ripped off, and with no urge to return.

We sat outside, enjoying the gorgeous Spring sun. It took us a little while to get served, but it didn't matter too much; other than the fact we were slightly hungry! Although a nice big glass of pineapple juice was a good start to the day.

Caesar Salad - $15.00
Cos lettuce, bacon, Turkish bread croutons and shaved parmesan tossed with Caesar dressing. Finished with a warm poached egg (optional anchovies).

Caeaser salad was ordered, under the assumtion it would be containing chicken. But no chicken was found in said salad. Only later did we realise that chicken was an extra $5. So we paid $15 for lettuce, bacon and bread. Oh!.. and an egg. Worth the money? I think not.

I ordered the French toast with icing sugar & maple syrup with fresh strawberries. Despite me ordering this, fruit toast was brought to the table. Since I was rather looking forward to French toast, I sent it back, and waited for what I had my sights set on.

I can't remember the price of the dish, but it sure did not look worth the money we paid for it. However, it was still pretty damn tasty, and the fact that I was having a lazy Sunday in the sun, not cooking or washing up, made it worth it.

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Would I return to The Coffee Club? Most likely not. I'd rather try an unknown franchise store for my next pre/post Costco feed.

Check it out, I got 20 Carman's muesli bars for $10!! Insanely cheap! I also got x2 4gig SD cards for my camera for $40!! They will come in handy when I head over to Tasmania at the end of the month. Thanks Costco.

And check out all the cooking material I have accumulated over the last few weeks! 2 books bought from Costco. And just looking at this, I realise I haven't included Matt Preston's new book, Cravat-a-licious, and another cookbook mum picked up; not to mention all the Epicure sections from The Age!... light reading weighed in at 6.5kg. Hopefully that won't end up on my butt either, hehe.

Whilst I am talking about books, any food lover should read I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti. I only just started reading it. I am loving it so far, and I just love that she has included all these amazing recipes for the food she talks about. I can't wait to try the muffin recipe, and the pasta sauce.


What the eff?! $15 for chicken caesar salad...with no chicken?

What a joke.

that seems rather expensive for the caesar salad. And no croutons?! That's just rubbing it in!

i wish we had a costco here - all those delicious carman's bars!
gotta say i've never seen a caesar salad with a poached egg.. and $15 for a caesar salad without chicken is a tad steep for a franchise!
i can't get over how often the wrong food gets sent out to tables.. isn't that what the little book thing-a-ma-gig is for? to write it down!

Wow, fabulous haul of foodie books!! Did you purchase a membership for Costco?

It could be worse - I recently ate lunch with a friend who paid about that for a caesar, except it had no chicken, no egg, no anchovies, crappy pre-made croutons and the parmesan looked like dust.

What a bargain for the muesli bars! Plus they're in one of those service boxes so you can pretend your kitchen is a cafe :D

I've never tried the Coffee Club chains. I don't know why I tend to stay away from cafe chains!

Hi Meaneirene - hear, hear. And not a funny joke either.

Hi Billy - I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!!

Hi A Girl Called E - For an franchise, yes. A rip off! I know... write it down!!

Hi Rilsta - Oh I know! I'm still using my friend's membership. No point me getting a card.

Hi Conor - WHAT?!! that is insane!!
I do feel like I'm shopping every morning when I get a Carman's bar :P

Hi Lorraine - Yes, there is a good reason why you tend to stay away from them! I will also be taking this stance now. I can't stand Gloria Jeans, Starbucks, etc.

totally agree, the coffee club is the ripper. $4 for a glass of cafe latte? and their price is more expensive than other chain store with the same product form the same factory. my friend quitted after a month of working at one of their shop.

to be fair, not all chain stores are bad, they have their own good stuffs and good staff sometimes. as long as the $=value + quality

Hi Anonymous - Yeah, chain store and not very good! PASS!!

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Hi Shellie

Love your blog i just happend on to it whilst surfing the net. I am the Executive chef corporate trainer for The Coffee Club group and I would love to dicuss your review further pleased do not hesitate to contact me on reception@coffeeclub.com.au I will pass your blog onto the franchisee to take some feedback from. Thank you.

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