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Eating Out: White Rabbit


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Lately, I just feel the need to get out of town on the weekends and go exploring. On a recent trip out to the Yarra Valley region, I stopped at one of my favorite breweries again, White Rabbit.

Some of you will remember on my trip to Marysville I popped in to check the place out. This time, I stopped to feed my face!

Since White Rabbit is mainly just a brewery, there isn’t a fully equipped kitchen. So don’t go expecting meals like at Little Creatures. But you can still leave feeling full. I was tossing up between the Ploughman’s Board and the Weekend Sizzle. Due to the horrible rainy weather, I went for the Weekend Sizzle as it was going to be hot and comforting.

My partner in crime and I sat down with a nice glass of White Rabbit dark ale and waited till our sausages were cooked.  We were given a table number, which also contained our serviettes; some tables got their cutlery also put in their table number holder. It was a bit Alice in Wonderland, which I thought was pretty cute.

We were then brought over to the massive skillet and given a massive bread roll that had been cut down the middle. We had the option of onion and sauerkraut to go in the bread roll along with the sausage. I got both, and topped it all off with the spicy capsicum and tomato relish. Other condiments on offer were tomato sauce and seeded mustard.

The “local snag in bread” went PERFECTLY with a nice tall glass of beer. I can see why those Germans love a good sausage with their beer! Not to mention the sheer size of it all! It was insanely huge; money well spent.

I am just in love with the Little Creatures Brewing Group. They just seem to have a funky way to go about things, making everyone who walks through their doors feel like part of the family.

I thought it was pretty cute they way the wrote the recipes on the kitchen wall tiles.

So next time you are passing through, why not stop by for a beer tasting, or a quick bite to eat. Although it will be a tough decision, since White Rabbit is located next to the Beechworth Bakery & The Giant Steps (which is meant to be a foodie's heaven I'm told... I'll check it out next time).

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If you like LCs so much you need to come over to the mother ship!

Interesting that I haven't come across the White Rabbit brew over here, seems to just be an eastern states thing for now. The snag in a bun looks perfect to go with a beer... no nasty red sausages!

Mmmmmm. White Rabbit is lovely... shame I don't drink beer though. I always do enjoy the opportunity to have a bottle of organic cola though.

Giant Steps does have amazing food. I really suggest you go and check it out next time!

Hi Conor - I have been to Freo!! I went to Perth for a week at the start of the year and went there at least twice! There is a review somewhere on this blog :)

White Rabbit is still in it's trial stages I believe, but I do enjoy it!

Hi Katie - Oh that organic cola is the bomb! I will be going to Giant Steps soon I hope!

Ahh that was in my pre-Iron Chef Shellie reading life ;) So glad you enjoyed it there, let me know when you're next in town!

I've been meaning to try White Rabbit for a long time. A trip to the Yarra Valley is long overdue! Nice to hear you had a positive experience, which is of course to be expected from the Little Creatures guys :-D

The recipes on the wall are so cute :)

Hi Conor - ahhh, glad you you are on board now though =)

Hi Esz - Little Creatures never lets me down. I heart them!

Hi Fiona - I adore the recipes on the wall. I didn't put the large versions up, I would like them to keep their recipes to themselves :P

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